A former senior politician gets baptized for a second time after sweetheart persuaded him to become Catholic or he will get no more of the ‘cherry’!


A senior judge and the sweetheart stood as Godfather and Godmother for the embattled and defeated ex-MP…

St. Paul The Apostle Catholic Church in Lyford Cay.

Ex-MP leaves the Baptist Church where he was baptized before the 1992 elections is baptized a second time as a ROMAN CATHOLIC – SWEETHEART MADE HIM DO IT!

The Ex-MP's 82 year old spiritual advisor, Farkhondeh Dorsonvile, had died in the Great Quake in Haiti.

Nassau, Bahamas — The news coming out the St. Pauls The Apostle Catholic Church in Lyford Cay is sooo familiar that it has a senior politician being baptized for the second time in his life.

Bahamas Press has learnt the senior politician, who has an urge to finish ruining the country from the bad state he left it, went under the water for baptism once again this past weekend.

We understand the sweetheart of the senior politician has persuaded him to become a Catholic otherwise he will get no more “Bread”. The scene was like the American movie “Harlam Nights” where a hooker was able to cause her lovers change religions! The sweetheart is also a weekly columnist in one of the morning dailies.

The senior politician in early 1992, just before the general elections, was taken to the water for baptism at the Zion Baptist Church on East and Shirley Street. We don’t believe he was repentant then nor do we believe he is repentant now. Back then many believed the incident was just a scam to win over the Baptist votes which are the largest block of Christian believers in the country.

Sources close to the event told BP how the longtime sweetheart stood as Godmother for the senior politician while a Supreme Court judge stood as godfather.

But the Ex-MP is known to be a switcher all his political life. He was first Pindling’s most trusted protégé, but he switched on the former PM and then stripped the PM of all his benefits. He was once a PLP and then he switched and traded those loyal supporters to the FNM. He was also one time a Baptist and now is Roman Catholic. And one time he was said to be open and transparent to the people – but in the twilight of his political years “Scandal, Corruption and Backdoor wheeling and dealing became the legacy of his political years.”

At least one friend close to the embattled ex-MP told us, “Jealousy appears to be eating the senior politician to the core. Ya see, he hasn’t gotten over the fact that his longtime political friend, who is now Prime Minister, has had an audience with Pope Francis. The Pope blessed both Mr and Mrs Christie when they both made a special trip to Rome to greet the Holy Father. The thought of Christie’s connections with the Baptist, Catholics and strong relationship as an Anglican has worried the former senior politician. Ya see, he, too, now wants to have an audience with the Pope and some believe this is one of the motives for him now becoming catholic.”

Whatever the case, we at BP believe if the Pope was to learn of the former witchcraft-working politician’s ways and how deep in his roots voodoo and sorcery abide – he would have sent papal letters from Rome to stop the ceremony.

The senior ex-MP’s confidant and spiritual advisor was tragically killed following the great quake of Haiti. The 82 year old, Farkhondeh Dorsonvile, provided the former senior politician with much spiritual advice during the 92, 97, and 2007 general elections. It is said that the ex-MP, who represented a family island, was left deeply disillusioned and overwhelmed with grief after learning of Ms Dorsonvile’s passing. And to this day the ex-MP takes a boat cruise back to her homeland to pray with the witchcraft workers.

We report yinner decide!