Illegals caught hiding in home in Matthew Town tonight – BP IS LIVE!

Bahamas Press live at the home in Matthew Town where that arrest of Dominicans was live.

BREAKING NEWS COMING NOW OUT OF MATTHEW TOWN INAGUA – Since Bahamas Press installed its high-tech devices around the southern Bahamas we have had a 100% capture and seizure rate and only BP can bring you this Breaking News along with the powerful technology of BTC!

We can report news happening right now confirm some 3 Dominicans and another 7 Haitian nationals were all captured on the island. Just over an hour ago BP along with authorities tracked down one portion of group hiding in this residence in Matthew Town Inagua. Defence Force and Police wasted no time in making the arrest and yes, your Bahamas Press, which brings you the real news from around the Bahamas and across the world was LIVE! Here we have footage of these arrests taking place just over an hour ago.

BP – in the Southern Bahamas is LIVE! Places the WUTLESS MEDIA DEM can only dream of reporting from…