A New Bahamian Artist is Rising on the Charts and is BP’s featured artist!!!


YOUNG BAHAMIANS MOVING FORWARD! J. Shepard looks to the top!

J. Shepard
“Circumstances and choices determine our Future”, being a survivor to a gunshot to the face transcended J.Shephard’s creative gene to illuminating heights of inspiration. J.Shephard is a determined, dynamic singer and lyricist, with a mission and a purpose designed by God to assist others and uplift lives. His music can be considered as crossover music. Being an artist of many genres including Reggae, Hip-Hop, R & B, So-ca, Calypso, Techno and Pop, J.Shephard have drawn the attention of music lovers from Germany, Dubai, Bahamas, Jamaica, Antigua, Nigeria, Canada, Trinidad, The Virgin Islands and The United States of America. J.Shephard a graduate from the school of Music at Florida Memorial University is currently a full time musician/artist, the Co-CEO of Guidance Records LLC and signed to Skeelo Musik LLC and SonyRed ENT.

Struggle, commitment, determination, pain, family, these words depict J.Shephard’s life. Being born into a chaotic world filled with emotional and physical strain made him different from other children, “I had to grow up fast” Shephard says. While others were worried about that next toy Shephard was thinking, “ok where am I moving next or why is it so hard to live”. Music was his only out, a way to get away from this world. Shephard reflects, “I would record the radio station, and then record my lyrics over the recorded music”.

“Another gunshot buss of in the ghetto”, this time the victim was Jamaal Saunders (J.Shephard). 5/11/03 Shephard was shot in the eye from a 22 caliber hand gun. “At a blink of an eye my whole life changed and I walked into my fate” Shephard mentioned. After recovering he realized that this tragic experience was indeed his destiny for once a rapper now a singer. Resulting in a more positive outlook on life and change in hearts desires. “My voice is a miracle and a gift from the almighty”. His talent is truly remarkable for his ability to switch his voice and the tempo in which he presents takes the listener on a fervent voyage.

J.Shephard new single Sunshine is the first single off of his up and coming album.