A newly recruited police constable stabbed his gay lover after discovering he had another man!

Magistrate Court

NASSAU| So a newly recruited police constable has found himself out of a job, off the police force, and behind bars just six days after being recruited as a law enforcement officer.

Twenty-six-year-old police constable Shanton Bethel has been arrested and charged following what investigators describe as a “bloody domestic dispute” with another man who is alleged to be his gay lover.

Bethel is alleged to have stabbed, near fatally, his good friend Kramar Casanova in the head, neck, and forearm somewhere in western New Providence (WE AT BP BELIEVE IT WAS AT THE POLICE TRAINING COLLEGE).

Now, Bethel pleaded not guilty to the charge and Casanova has since been released from the hospital escaping with his life.

Now the violent young officer has to return to decent CHIEF Magistrate Joyann Ferguson Pratt on December 19 and he was granted a $5,000 bail with two sureties.

Some say the couple was supposed to be celebrating the graduation which turned near deadly. WHAT IS THIS?

We report yinner decide!