Best man dies in a traffic fatality on Abaco as he returned from a wedding rehearsal…

Fatality on Abaco has claimed the life of Best Man in wedding.

ABACO| Bahamas Press is now reporting one man is dead and another left critical in a traffic fatality on Snake Cay in the Sandy Point community of Abaco this evening.

Two vehicles collided on the Earnest Dean Highway late Friday killing one and leaving the other in critical condition. One of the men who died was traveling from a wedding rehearsal when the accident occurred. That big wedding was scheduled for this Saturday morning.

“Junior” aka Valley Boy, the best man for the wedding, is the fatality victim in this freak accident. His vehicle burst into flames as it crashed into the other.

Just on October 9th Minister Leroy Thompson’s vehicle crashed into another on Abaco danderous roadways as he and his wife made their way from church services that blessed Sunday evening. Something is seriously wrong on the highways of Abaco and everyone living there must be concerned!

We report yinner decide!