A Powerful PLP Convention under Davis and Cooper calls for ACTION!!!

PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis Q.C. on the floor of the Party’s 54th National Convention commanding a wave of support across the country.

BAHAMAS| Well, we had little to say about the aftermath of the PLP Convention last week, which was indeed a smashing success.

There were reforms to the party’s constitution; the attendance was overwhelmingly grand; the delegates for the first time in years saw an incoming PLP Government outline clear ideas for the country when an election is called.

The Tsunami of Brave Davis and Chester Cooper will be huge. Delegates and the nation, via national television, heard about vision, truth, forward thinking and a return of responsible governance to the Bahamas. The message was touching and real!

Overall the National Party reelected – in a fair and clear democratic process – its entire leadership team, which included Davis, Cooper, Mitchell and Lynes. The shareholders of the PLP affirmed that the party is on the right track and is headed to victory.

Meanwhile, some of the barking dogs were on the sidelines, stoking trouble and barking like a spayed pit-bull with no teeth. One distraction was even funded by Hubert Minnis and Save the Bays. Dey have no damn shame! We have some advice for them: “Go take your meds!”

As the country gets sick of this wutless inept Minnis Regime – we call on PLPs to get to work! The Convention mounted a call to action! Go and register if you did not do so during the last election. The FNMs who can’t count are registering and so we ask all PLPs and right-thinking Bahamians who want Minnis and his band of hippies gone to go to the Registrar’s Office and register without delay!

Register! Protest! Call up a friend and CUSS THE MINNIS GOVERNMENT wherever they be! If ya can’t cuss dem out, get to the nearest church and begin to pray them out of office. Do something!

Get to the nearest PLP branch meeting and participate! GO to the Party’s Headquarters and pay up your dues. We need every penny you can find! This is a time for action! And everyone reading BP – we call on you to ACT!

DO something!

We report yinner decide!

Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis and Deputy Leader Party VICROY I. Chester Cooper and their wives Mrs Ann Marie Davis and Mrs Cooper at the 2019 54th National Convention of the PLP.