Sky Bahamas could be the latest business to close its doors and send employees home!


Staff has not been paid at the airline since July! Meanwhile Capt. Randy Butler is purchasing large tracks of land in ANDROS!? WHAT IS THIS?

Skybahamas aircraft – file photo.

NASSAU| Serious breaking news coming from the offices of Sky Bahamas this morning could spell the end of the airline’s operations in the country.

Workers were notified on Tuesday to report to Sky Bahamas’ head offices at 2:30 PM to get an update on the serious situation where staff cannot get paid. The airline has no money!

BP can tell readers that workers at the airline have not been paid since July 15th.

Since the 8TH of July, the airline has been grounded with few details coming out as to why. Is it because an international investigation into the airline has started involving a major financier who is on the run from the US authorities? Who knows! Many things cause the grounding of an airline. International money laundering could be one reason why.

Anyway, we know this business, which collected duty free concessions on plane parts back in 2017 given by the Minnis Government, is about to fail. Staff cannot pay their rent, go to the store, fly off for a vacation or get buy school supplies because they cannot get paid! 

It is really sad when we see workers in this country get strung up and used as pawns in a big game of chess. This is sad. It’s the people’s time and now that, too, is a lie! No one is checking for the People at Sky Bahamas!

Anyway we ga see how this ends.

We report yinner decide!