A retrial has been ordered by the Court of Appeals in the case of the murder of Philip Vasyli! Will Donna get bail?


Could Donna Vasyli get bail after killing her husband?

FILE PHOTE of Donna Vasyli being escorted outside court.

Nassau, Bahamas – Just moments ago the Court of Appeal handed down a decision to allow the appeal of Donna Vasyli. A retrial is ordered.

Mrs Vasyli was convicted for the murder of her husband Philip Vasyli.

Mrs Vasyli, nee Oliver, was found guilty of the murder of renowned podiatrist Phillip Vasyli at their multimillion-dollar home in Old Fort Bay in March 2015.

Donna, 55, and Phillip Vasyli, 59, both grew up and met in Liverpool in Sydney’s southwest.

Detectives found the murder weapon and Vasyli’s bloody dress where she stabbed her husband and attempted to conceal the crime. Her children, who were here in the country during the crime, never returned. What a life!

Vasyli was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Justice Stephen Isaacs described the murder as “a domestic dispute gone horribly wrong”.

Phillip Vasyli, who invented the Orthaheel orthotic, moved to the Bahamas with Donna and their son and daughter about 20 years ago.

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