A third candidate of the DNA leaves the organization…

Osman Johnson at a grand PLP stalwart installation dinner event on November 19, 2011.

What is happening in the DNA a Third Candidate Leaves the Party?

Osman Johnson

Freeport, Grand Bahama — Breaking news coming to Bahamas Press suggests Pineridge Democratic National Alliance Candidate, Osman Johnson, has left the green party and is the third candidate in three day to reportedly leave the organization.

Attempts by BP to contact the former candidate were fruitless , but from what we know Johnson has been stressed by the conditions the second city and the demands by its residents.

Friends close to the candidate tell us, “Johnson has received little support from the DNA Party since being nominated for the seat and believes it is too difficult to win without party support.”

This week BP broke the news where DNA candidates for South Beach Sammie Starr and High Rock candidate Philip Thomas left the organization over the lack of support by the Party’s leadership. In an interview with the Tribune Thomas said, after disagreements on a number of issues, he could only brand McCartney as being “worse than Hubert Ingraham” when it comes to being authoritarian.

He added, “He [McCartney] met with the Port Authority and none of the candidates were invited. Then he met with executives of the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce, we were not there.”

Fall out in the DNA is quickly rolling like the collapse of domino card. Bahamas Press has confirmed a forth candidate in a New Providence seat will announce his departure from the DNA by Monday morning.

We report, yinner decide!

Named DNA Candidate takes a look at the PLP. Osman Johnson could join the PLP after leaving the DNA...


  1. If people do not want the truth about them exposed they need to stop seeking the lime light and/or change their attitudes.

    Until then, deal with gossip and people talking bad BUT TRUE & KNOWN things about you in a public and social forum where INFORMATION that is of public interest is disseminated, ridiculed, critiqued, made fun of.

    Can’t stand the heat? you are welcomed to get out of the kitchen. Many unseasoned aispiring politicians and supporters of such, cannot take the inevitable mudslinging, negative exposure that comes along with trying to be a politician.

    Certainly it is known that if you have skeletons in your closet, they will most definately come out dancing. It is in the public interest to known the GOOD and the BAD about a potential candidate…what sets the mark and standard is a candidate with a checkered past who can come full circle with himself and the public by saying yes I did XYZ and apologize for their mistakes made in the past.

    It shows INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY. Bran need to clean house!

  2. If people do not want the truth about them exposed they need to stop seeking the lime light and/or change their attitudes.

    Until then, deal with gossip and people talking bad BUT TRUE & KNOWN things about you in a public and social forum where INFORMATION that is of public interest is disseminated, ridiculed, critiqued, made fun of.

    Can’t stand the heat? you are welcomed to get out of the kitchen

  3. Advice for future press releases Bahamas Press.

    Make sure you know the truth before you start posting trash. Johnson went to the papers to ensure that people know that he is DNA through and through, so this is a dumb article.

    Advice for “THETRUTH”, “whoever has no sin, cast the first stone” you are definitely a sinner, so stop throwing rocks in a glass house.

    Also, everyone here realizes that you are a former employee or friend of Mrs Johnson, and you obviously got disassociated or removed from her life.

    But the fact that you chose to jump on her rather than speak about the person in the actual article shows your blunt hatred.

    Everyone who is posting on here, has skeletons, including me. We all have past situations to be ashamed of.

    I will judge Johnson, not on his past, but on his ability to carry out his candidacy, and by the effort he shows in the future, and by him backing up his words.

    If he does all those things, I don’t care less about his past.

    So far the FNM have screwed us. so its a good time to try something new.

    Also “THETRUTH” Tina Turner and Mrs Johnson both hate you, as do i. You speak about husbands beating wives as if it is funny, there is nothing funny about domestic violence, so you are sick in the head, and probably a wife beater yourself, which means you are trash on the earth.

  4. Bahamas Press, what I find most amusing about this whole article is how little of it actually uses fact. If you have sources close to Osman Johnson, please name them. Furthermore don’t post something until you know it as gospel, and this most definitely isn’t gospel. It is what could be described as trash.

    I saw that Mr Johnson chose to refute this foolish article and state quite the opposite of its flawed contents recently in the papers. Good!

    P.S “THETRUTH” or whatever you fool yourself into believing you are.

    You are a sad sad person, and “jesus said, whoever has no sin, cast the first stone”. You throwing stones, but lord knows you are a sinner :).

    I believe you are a former employee of Mrs Johnson, or someone she chose to disassociate herself from in the past. So you have some built up rage and hatred towards the family.

    No one is perfect, golden or pure. We all have dirt, and i guarantee everyone posting on this site, including me has plenty to be ashamed of from our past.

    Rather than looking at a person’s past to judge them, judge them on the here and now, judge them based on their future pledges and how they follow through with them.

    I cant say O R Johnson is a great candidate because he hasnt even been giving a chance to succeed or fail. But i can say that currently the FNM are failing miserably, and I would be happy to give him a shot to see if he can do better.

  5. The so called leader of the Dna that Madea praises so highly need to check himself. What was all the work he did as minister. He called the press every time he did a raid, for pictures. He wanted to be Prime minister so he started a party and MADE himself leader. Whats up with that. His attitude is More arragont than Ingraham ..so chill Madea

  6. LADY P

  7. Big write up today. Johnson is not leaving the DNA, said he never spoke to anyone from the PLP er sorry Bahamas Press.

    So can the PLP er sorry Bahamas Press ever tell the truth?!?!?

    And by the way The Truth, Rengin and Osman aint got no money…. Thy’re just good at making it look like they do..

  8. It is obvious that to all that the DNA did not do its homework in selecting some of these people.
    I was disappointed to see one or two of them making the cut, but I know everything will not be perfect in any party.

    But this initial mis-step by this young party, is not a good reason for us to continue on the path of Hubert Ingraham and Perry Christie.

    Lets not mix foolishness with sense, and continue for the next five years to be spinning tyres in the mud.
    let us give this thing some traction and let this country take off again.

    lets say thanks to these wonderful longtime buddies, Hubert and Perry, and send them to enjoy their retirement.

  9. lol DNA is dis da new change da Bahamas need ? I beg a diffrent , frist da self-made leader has to learn how to follow not juz blow his own horn but let others see his gud works , lookin all-handsome/bein able to chat smooth don’t make u a leader! .
    ever-one need to open thier eyes en see dis green team is-not-ready , one day there might be a young person whos has cover all da base and is now willing to give them self to sever the peolpe of the Bahamas and it won’t be for greed but for love love for people and our Bahama land .

    don’t trow your vote away on dis green team

  10. I’ll tell you one thing. You never select a candidate then revoke their candidacy a few months later. It shows that this splinter group is only feeling their way out and are kinda putting a jigsaw puzzle togetter moving peices here and there. It is amateurish at best and shows that the green team at this current time is not prepared to take on the role as governing party.
    A leader is sure with the decisions that are made and will stick through those decisions, even in hard times.
    If the party leader felt that there was a lack of performance from those individuals who stepped down or who was fired, then I am pretty sure he has to appreciate the notion that we the public feel the same way about the party. Lack of performance and a lack of confidence.

    The Green team has indeed gone funky!

  11. I agree with black crab. WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING, not interested in Country but self and while go where he thinks will best serve HIS NEEDS. Don’t know the other two, but McCartney dodged a bullet with this on.

  12. Bro, I don’t know where you get your news from, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Its clear that your objective is to plant seeds of doubt that you hope will blossom. Its an obvious strategy “kitchen sink”. Throw everything up against the wall and hope something sticks. Preaching to people like you don’t make no sense. You are what you are. The scum of the earth. The “sticky green stuff” that’s on the sticky green stuff at the bottom of the barrel.

    My advise to you. Be very careful. What your back. You think you operate from a position of impunity. All this wrong that you do has a way of coming back on you. That thing called KARMA. It’s really a ****** like they say it is.

    Watch out ****** *. *******. I know what you did last summer.

    EDITOR’S NOTE Bahamas Press advises the person behind the name, THE WATCHER, to be very very careful when making public threats against members of the press. We want you to know we take threats SERIOUSLY! VERY, VERY SERIOUS, and if you don’t believe us, just ask that police officer who sat at the desk at the office of the Prime Minister what happened to him when he brandished his gun at a writer from Bahamas Press. Ask him!

    Or better yet, ask that jungalist in Bank Lane, who sat signing bail for a criminal gang members here in Nassau. Ask her what happened to her when she kidnapped a reporter and advised her not to publish another article on her CRIMINAL BOSS! Ask her what has happened to her when you visit Fox Hill. Bahamas Press takes every single threat seriously, and we assure you THE WATCHER, your threat has been filed. Do not be surprise when you are brought in for questioning.

    Oh and remember ‘We ain’t never scared’ just don’t miss!
    Bahamas Press/Editor

  13. DNA’s official release on revoked candidates
    Nov 30, 2011 – 4:42:22 PM

    Nassau, Bahamas – The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is preparing to become a government that best represents The Bahamian people. As such, we have nominated a slate of candidates who reflect all walks of Bahamian life.

    Our decision to offer interested persons candidacy is based, in part, on individual interviews and the prospective candidate’s stated ability to commit to the obligations outlined by executives of the Party upon their acceptance. Unfortunately, some of those candidates originally nominated are unable to smoothly transition and adjust to the massive undertaking of electoral politics. Therefore, the DNA’s candidates’ committee has decided that this election cycle may not be the best time for them to pursue public office.

    Effective governing will require us to regularly evaluate the type of representation that each candidate and, eventually, each Member of Parliament would provide his or her constituent and community.

    In the event that a candidate is neglectful in his or her primary responsibilities to the Party and the people of the constituency whom they are selected to represent, the Party has to make tough decisions that are in the best interest of the Bahamian people whom we seek to serve.

    The DNA has absolute faith in both former candidates that they will continue to offer service to the Bahamian community, and we continue to assure them of our full and continued support of their public efforts. Again, as we continue to spread our message of change, we wish all former candidates of the DNA good luck on their future endeavors.

  14. Bran them joking man, this too much people leaving the party too early in the game. They need to find out what these people dealing with and how they feel about certain things before they go introducing them to the public. They don’t sit down and talk with these people aye? It’s just obvious him and them are not on the same page.

  15. He should have never entered. *** **** only looking out for their pockets. spoiled bratt!

    He’s very rude. User!

    • I agree with Black Crab, Rasin “Osman” Johnson is the worst candidate ANY party could have chosen. He has a laundry lists of skeletons in his closet-he got kicked out of the University of Buckingham for bad behaviour (arson)and then he had to transfer to another university, he was locked up in Cuba for drugs, he is a well known brat. He is nobody, nothing with his bad character and attitude. His candidacy is a flam and sham. His mother Rengin also runs her law firm like a sweat shop, paying the very bear minium wage to trained professionals, she has the highest turn-over rate in Grand Baham due to her stink attitude, lack of managerial, personal and social skills and low wages. They are very “new money” and are not “use” to having which is why they act the way they do and treat people the way they do….

      P.S. I wonder if Rasin still does beat and cuss his ma like how his daddy used to? God knows that woman tote more cut hip than Tina Turner.

      People need to be careful when they seek power and fame…all your dirt is come out…and this is only a tip of the iceberg…I am suprised BP didn’t run this boy and his parents notorious history and publish it…The People of Grand Bahama NEED TO KNOW who and what is trying to be their representative!

      • It is interesting to see that many persons are using smear tactics to try and attack descent members of The DNA Party. What happen! have we lost our integrity, fair-play. Slander is filthy, you people are trying to pullout the “intimidation card” to deliberately hamper progress in this country.
        I believe In The DNA, the leader The Honorable Mr Branville Mcartney and all the candidates.
        He is a leader others should pattern, many years ago Sir lynden Pindling told his cabinet while in Office ” If you can’t fish, cut bait or get the hell out of the boat”. That phrase was the game changer in politics. The DNA leader is not wimpy or a “lotionier”, he wants the candidates to be accountable to the people they will be representing. Stop attacking descent human-beings who are working diligently trying to help people in the community. Splattering nasty rumors to gain political mileage is soo FNM and PLP.
        The DNA has a fresh vision for the Bahamas.

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