Convicted Drug Trafficker named FNM General in North Andros in Parliament

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham

Nassau, Bahamas — Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has just confirmed to the Parliament that Wendall Gaitor, a convicted drug dealer in North Andros, is a campaign General for Desmond Bannister.

Bannister is running from his Carmichael seat in the House.

Ingraham told the Parliament he is about to pay Gaitor for some government work before Christmas.

Many do not remember that Gaitor was convicted for trafficking drugs back in the 1980s and served time in prison. Look what the FNM has come to? Using CONVICTED DRUG TRAFFICKERS TO RUN ITS CAMPAIGN!

Meanwhile, as debate in the Parliament on the Constituencies Boundaries Commission Report is being wrapped up in the House. Axed FNM MP Neko Grant has not had a word to say on the report. The soon to be former MP for Clifton, Kendal Wright said, “Don’t come to me after you cut the boundaries and say this is it…it is a way to do things.

We report Yinner decide!


  1. FACTS and Stacey this story really ain’t about Wendall Gaitor, rather about this impeccable image Hubert A$$ Ingraham been foolin the Bahamian people with from his arrival on the political front. He threw the entire Bahamas under the bus with the exception himself and his cronies like he did not have friends with skeletons in their closet.

  2. Bahama Press ya’ll really need to get your facts right b4 ya’ll print and try to destroy people Character. And lets the past stay in the past. Everybody can change. He is well respected christian now.

  3. So what if their constits were cut out? This isn’t about MPs, this is about the people. They need to stop crying like sour babies and just roll with the times. What they think this is? I sick an tired of these ole men thinking that the world and the Bahamas for the most part, evolves around them. They remind me of that old Ludacris song that went like “when i move you move… just like that?”

    Elections are about people, not individuals who has a personal grudge because they don’t have a seat to run in. If ya seat gone, then bush crack and vanish into the night. There are many ways to represent people in respective constituencies other than taking up space in the HOA! These lazy buggers want that $1,500 a month allowance which works out to $18,000.00. In addition to that, don’t forget the MP salary some 30k +. That’s another $2,500.00 a month. $4,000 a month in total (estimated figure). Who wouldn’t cry when their seats get eliminated?

    • i notice we always dwell on people pass people change we all do wrong in the site of god and if god should continue judge us we all would die stop people focus on the right thing,every last one on earth done wrong so what the deal if the man used to run drug did you ask him if he change stop using people pass like we all so holy stop

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