A young boxer Valentino Knowles is gunned down and fighting for lift after a shooting just outside an apartment on Kemp Road


Both men in Abaco shot dead are known to police -Crime doesn’t pay…

Valentino Knowles - Boxer

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press can report the man struggling for his life is boxer Valentino Knowles, an Independence cup bronze medalist and Carifta gold medalist in boxing.

Knowles is also the first to ever win a fight in Bahamian history at the World Championship level in the sport.

According to reports, shortly before 2:00am, three men and a woman were standing in front of an apartment complex on Kemp Road, when the occupants of a red Honda Fit vehicle pulled up and opened fire on them before speeding off.

Knowles received multiple gunshot wounds to the body and another received a gunshot wound to the leg. Both victims were transported to hospital where Knowles is now listed in serious condition and the other male is listed in stable condition. The woman was not injured during this incident.

The driver of a Maxima is the first murder recoded in Abaco this morning …

Then the body of a second male discovered in Abaco – BOTH MURDERS RELATED….

Police in Abaco, acting on information received shortly after 9:00 am on Saturday 18th January, 2014, discovered the body of a male lying in the street at Bahama Coral Island. The body was that of a black male who was found with gunshot wounds to the back of the head.

The body was pronounced dead at the scene by a doctor from the Marsh Harbour Clinic.

A team of Officers from the Central Detective Unit in Grand Bahama is assisting police in Abaco with their investigations.

The first male found dead in the car in Abaco was Lacaro Curry, a 32-year-old of Mount Hope, Abaco resident. He was found around 3 am this morning on the S.C Bootle Highway area through a track road when police discovered a light blue Maxima vehicle with a male slumped over in the passenger seat.

Sources following both incidents tell us both men had police rap sheets as long as the height of the Water Tower. They were both known to police.