Loans issued by BOB were duing Ingraham’s dreadful and painful years while in Government!


The Details from Bank of the Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas — The successful Bahamian owned and managed Bank of the Bahamas was obliged to respond to the sick, deliberate lies and innuendos of Ivan Johnson and the Punch, and to present the facts to the extent they were able to do so without breaching the confidentiality of its customers.

BP intensive investigations have uncovered who was responsible for breaching Banking laws and who funnelled confidential information to the Punch which was manipulated to paint the present Christie Administration and the Bank in a negative light. The facts, as confirmed by the Bank, is that the certain loans were granted during the tenure of the FNM (2007-2012).

BP knows the name of the Bank’s Female employee whose husband is an Officer of the Free National Movement.

BP knows of the venue where certain Officers of the FNM met with the Punch.

Bank Accounts of all Customers must be protected in conformity with our Banking laws. BP strongly condemns all who have conspired to break our Banking Laws and urge the Royal Bahamas Police Force to prosecute all concerned to the full extent of the law. How low will some people go to achieve a Political goal?