Ace Newbold and his Press Secretary game has vanished off the Minnis press briefing stage


Press Secretary wants out of the Briefing ROOM as Minnis Administration falls into collapse…WELL WAIT!!!

Press Secretary Ace Newbold wants out of Press Briefing Room.

Nassau – BP has unleashed the wild pitbulls of media on the Minnis Administration and we understand Ace Newbold wants nothing to do with the Press Secretary job any more.

Sources in the know tell us Guardian media personalities have Ace on the ground for afternoon supper; biting him at every chance he calls a press event. Word is the weekly press briefings have suspended and he cannot take the attacks.

One reporter from ZNS told BP, “The press briefings have become better than the sitcoms of Saturday Night Live. Ace is a pure comedian and appears more lost than PM Minnis.”

We are being told that Ace will now seek a job somewhere else in the government, as he cannot protect PM Minnis any more, particularly after the OBAN Scandal. Ace told the media in the Cabinet Room recently not to ask PM Minnis any questions on Oban a far pitch from the Minnis campaign, which was to present open and transparent governance. Ahhh boy!

For more than a month with Oban and all its twists and turns, the Press Secretary has vanished like Houdini.

All we say is this, “If ya don’t laugh you will cry!” Where has Ace Newbold vanished in just 10 months on the job? This mussy the Trump White House, eh?

We report yinner decide!