BAAAs leaders setup hidden company to profit at CARIFT – CALL THE AUDITOR GENERAL!

The Bahamian athletes participating in the CARIFTA Games parade around the track during the opening ceremony of the 42nd CARIFTA Games at Thomas Robinson Stadium, Friday, March 29, 2013.

Nassau – Bahamas Press is learning all hell has broken loose at the CARIFTA 2018 meetings and the BAAAs sits at the centre of the crisis.

Sources in the room tell us members of the BAAAs have organized themselves a private company to enrich themselves from CARIFTA events just days away.

Medical professionals tell us they might not be participating at the games as free passes and materials are not being advanced to them.

“We want our funds and passes upfront before the events begin and no one is speaking to us. We are not being respected and well we just might not participate,” a spokesperson for the team said.

Meanwhile only 41 Bahamian young athletes have qualifying times for CARIFTA 2018. We are told some 80 plus athletes are being selected to represent the Bahamas at the games.

We report yinner decide!