Advert on BP – BDM on the ground in 'Lizzy'



  1. AMEN BROTHER! Im behind you 100percent. its time to take the power away from the manipulators that are plp and fnm, it is time for a change in this country, it is time to put a stop to the dog fight that has been goin on over the cookies that is the plp an fnm. it is time for us to take back our only remaining industry from the hands of foreigners who use our people and our land for their own personal gain while shelling out peanuts to us. it is time to revamp our agriculture and fisheries industry, time to create jobs where we are our own bosses, time to treat our country like a company and the business that it is and  focus on  making money and self sustenance, time to export goods as much as we import goods, time to take the band-aid off our wounds and mend them so we can heal, it is time for a change bahamas it is time for us to vote both fnm an plp OUTTT of the house of assembly. they have made fools of us for far to long now. they have forced all of our future leaders to leave this country with their masters degrees vowing never to return because of the poor state we are in, the shame and disgrace we face amongst our american classmates because we are from a nation of ppl considered SLACK, LAZY, CORRUPT, AND OPERATING AT A SNAILS PACE. well it is time bahamas. time to fix the problems.  so for all my neighbors in elizabeth, time to give change a chance, VOTE CASSIUS STEWART BDM

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