Elizabeth Constituent questions PLP decision



PLP fumbling with by-election ball says constituent. Photo of Obie Wilchcombe and PLP leader Perry Christie.

Dear Editor,

I have been watching the situation on the ground in Elizabeth of which I am a resident and registered to vote. The PLP started out of the gates very quickly but has since faltered. My neighbours want to know why was the rally cancelled and the ads stopped on the radio. The rally could have been held and donations collected on behalf of the people of Haiti.

Ingraham is now about to launch a massive turnout and vote buying in Elizabeth. The trailers are already on the ground and the money is about to flow while the PLP and its dumb think tank dither and ponder. The PLP has lost valuable time. I am being told that there are a whole bunch of losers led by Obie ‘Snitch’ Wilchombe undermining the hard work of Brave Davis to make him look bad. The PLP seems to be prepared to lose to make Brave look bad. My question is, who is running the PLP? Where is PC?.

I predict that if Brave does not take control of the party, Christie, Obie, Joe Curry and the other so called experts in the party headquarters will cause the party to lose. I suggest that Mr. Ryan Pinder gets as far a way as possible from the people PC sent to manage him. They want your Daddy’s money and nothing else. I will no longer support the PLP, I have advised the eight voters in my house that if we don’t see Brave leading the charge, we are going with Hubert and Dr. Sands wholesale.

G. Thompson
Ghana Circle
Commonwealth Blvd.


  1. future leader I could not have said it any better. Both leaders need to be gone but this is up to Bahamians. One is too hard and the other too soft. there you go two extremes. give someone else a chance. Notice how Shane Gibson Perry pulled the reigns on him when he was minister of immigration. Be smart Bahamians now Hubert has done the same to poor Branville Mccartney. Both these ministers were doing their job, apparently this is not the right way according to both governments. either that or immigrants come first. the bahamas is suppose to be for bahamians. what is with these immigrants that they love so much more tthan their own people?     

  2. Well i wan know why yawl still up and down back an forth on this hubert vs perry situation because quite frankly i think both of them are poor leaders. neither of them has any business sense and because of both of them combined we are in the situation we are in today finacially and economically. both fnm and plp have repeatedly failed the bahamian people. it is now time to do away with both of them. this bye election really speaks for how ignorant we are as a ppl because we bicker amongst ourselves as to which of the two is the better choice while totally ignoring the party that has the betterment of this country at heart. if by now bahamians still dont see that hubert and perry are both one in the same then we will continue to be stupid black people who are far behind the rest of the world when it comes to advancement and progress. we will continue to sit by and allow foreigners to take advantage of our ignorance, the national grade level will go from a d – to an F+ and we will watch our crime rate continue to increase because we still cannot see that both fnm and plp have self motivated agendas. they are, was never, and will never be for the ppl. we all can agree that perry is a loser, yawl know the ol saying behind ever strong man is a good woman. well that good woman is not standing behind perry because he is not strong, we can all agree that hubert who is his buddy and pal and law partner/friends behind the scenes is just as much of a loser as he is. so why in gods name do we still vote fnm and plp? how much more of this are we going to endure before we give change a chance?

  3. Well i wan know why yawl still up and down back an forth on this hubert vs perry situation because

  4. The current DPM and President of the Senate also have dual citizenship.  I am told that Zhivago Laing may also be in this category.

  5. @BahamasyouthRyan is also an american with an american passport. he should not be allowed to run. pc should know better but they just after ryan daddy money.

  6. Dr. Duane Sands is more aggressive to me compared to Ryan Pinder. However, Ryan is more in sink with the people of this constituency. Most people dont even know that Ryan Pinder assisted Malcom Addereley in 2002 to 2007 in this area. I know that for a FACT because I worked in the constituency office.   I really feel Perry Christie should give reasons why he let Malcom stayed in 2007….

    • Well muddo you are one opportunist and should hang your head in shame.You worked in the PLP office and then voted FNM .Did you also use connections to get ither benefits?Anyway thats now besides the point as you can now vote for Pinder to even things out.Hope you love Pinders message of empowerment as its 21 st century politics..

  7. This letter is bogus, probably written by the same idiots who can’t spell nothing right in the emails they send out from the same PLP email that was mixed up during the convention. Don’t let me start on those ads on the radio that have all the days mixed up. Which day is the rally? Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday? The ad has all three. Those are the real idiots. This letter was probably written by one of Brave’s henchmen who seem to think trying to make Christie look bad will make Brave look good. Leadership don’t come by default. Finally, I live on Ghana Circle and that is most absolutely represented by the Honorable Melanie Griffin in the YAMACRAW constituency. When you want to lie, choose a better address. Dummies.

    • My goodness look how LOW yinner desperate PLPs will go. Why question the authenticity of the letter, when you’ll people know yinner had people in one constituency which voting in another. This letter writer should be a wake up call to yinner.


  8. Bahamasyouth, you hit the nail right on the head. The PLP keeps throwing away opportunities because of their weak Leader. Christie cannot attract any new support and if he continues to allow people like Obie and his crew to take over he will go down down with them.

  9. I have to agree with the writer in many ways…. THE PLP seems to have a good wonderful REPRESENTATIVE. But Overall they lack a true leader… perry Christie face should NOT be all over Elizabeth. RYAN PINDER face should because in no way no how ill vote PERRY CHRISTIE. Now the same goes to Hubert Ingraham but I rather HIM ANYDAY COMPARED TO CHRISTIE.

    • Bahamasyouth vote for who you know will be best for you.You know Pinder so vote for him despite your dislike for Christie.Forget about the past non representative and vote for proven leadership,Ryan Pinder the son of the areas former representative.Marvin was good for the area and so is Ryan.

  10. As was relayed via press release, the rally and all overt activities were postponed, out of respect, due to the catastrophe in Haiti.  PLP’s are on the ground in Elizabeth, the reason you have not seen them is because Ghana Circle is in Yamacraw and not Elizabeth.

  11. Have no fear my friend the PLP is on the ground despite cancellation of the rally.Have no fear you can still tell your friends to vote PLP all the way.Since you live in Elizabeth but outside the boundaries of the Elizabeth constituency save your votes for the next General Elections.If you have mistakenly been placed in the Elizabeth constituency then have no despair as the PLP is a team and all of the individuals mentioned have a roll in ensuring that the seat is returned to the PLP fold.Pass by the PLP HQ and speak with someone there to assist in allaying your fears.Its PLP all the way in Elizabeth .Dont let the PAPA Armada discourage you.Just as Queen Elizabeth I defeated France and its allies your PLP will do the same to the FNM.PAPA is scared to ring the bell and am wondering if the Earhquake in Haiti disrupted his plans.Elizabeth tell PAPA when he comes to your doors that obeah dont work on you.

    • Papa has Christie’s number. Christie needs to get up off his duff and get on the ground. I know all the idiots in Gambier House and they would have to hold ameeting to see if they can go to the bathroom.

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