Aliv is deficient with its infrastructure and cannot meet its performance obligations – Part III


Even Aliv admits it now needs the help of BTC…What should its customers now think? Why should anyone use a second mobile company that uses the systems of BTC?

Aliv’s Damian Blackburn Thanks BTC for use of its network on Bimini!

Richard Coulson
Nassau, Bahamas – After a claimed $150m investment, Aliv says it is soon ready to compete with the country’s major telephone giant. Well, this is what Richard Coulson [Aliv’s ghostwriter] might have thought when he was putting together an advertorial for the company late last month.

Clearly, both Coulson and Aliv are accepting of the fact that they, with their so-called brilliant “International” talent, cannot explain how it is that Aliv still cannot break beyond having just 8% of the mobile market one year in, and, despite its investment, still has to rely on the powerful network of BTC to carry coverage across the islands.

Coulson proved the point that Aliv was not ready for the big leagues when he noted, “Management plans that the ALIV network will soon be launched in Andros, Bimini and Exuma, and the national roaming agreement already permits ALIV customers to communicate on the BTC network where ALIV has not yet completed its roll-out.” Now this is interesting.

Earlier this week Aliv went to Bimini to open an office. They took photos outside the apartment size location with a government official on the island and showed readers nothing else. No customers, no phones, no brand store design – NOTHING! Some islanders contacted us to ask where was the service?

Since January 2017 Aliv was to deliver its service to Andros, Bimini and Exuma. It hasn’t happened! And, again, we wonder why URCA has failed to independently comment on these delays. Not a word from the “Regulator” that acts like a “Facilitator” for Aliv.

Why the delay? Why the uncertainty? After raising some $60m, what is the cause for the snail’s pace to get infrastructure in the mentioned islands now 8 months late?

Why are Aliv’s partners so silent on what is taking place? Why is URCA the “Regulator” in these matters not commenting on these developments? Has URCA taken an Oath of Secrecy when it comes to Aliv? And how is it its parent company CBL is now blaming Aliv for its own fallout when even Coulson suggests, “Government should clarify the CAB-ALIV financial picture by announcing at long last its intentions for selling the holding company that is ALIV’s majority shareholder.”

We believe the demands by Aliv; to seek out help from BTC is enough to convince mobile customers and investors that something has seriously gone wrong.

Not even Richard Coulson can help them now and even Aliv’s CEO has accepted that it needs help from BTC to reach mobile customers.

We report yinner decide!