All is not well in the FNM! Loretta undermines Doc in Parliament!


Coup d’état headed for the Leader of the FNM…

FNM Leader Hubert Minnis and Deputy Leader Loretta Butler-Turner.

Hubert Minnis has lost control of the FNM!

Nassau, Bahamas — As Charles Dickens wrote in his book of the Tale of two cities – all is not well in the FNM. If you didn’t notice it before, there is clear evidence now that there is an internal battle in the FNM for the leadership of the Party.

Firstly, Hubert Ingraham refused to come to the House following the May 7th General Election. And when he did come out yesterday, he refused to wait his turn to speak.

Minnis could not advise Ingraham to come back for the evening session to make his contribution, which proves Minnis cannot control his sitting North Abaco MP.

But what was worse yesterday was that, after Dr. Minnis paid tribute to the legacy of the former Prime Minister, Deputy Leader of the Party, Loretta “Sexy Back” Butler-Turner, rose to her feet to rap up communication on the role of a Hubert Ingraham in Bahamian politics!

What is this?

The FNM Deputy Leader argued with the Speaker that she intended to also make a communication on Mr. Ingraham but he failed to look her way. Question is, how is it the deputy wanted to speak and didn’t tell her leader she would speak after him?

Rebel forces in the FNM are only marking time for a hostile takeover  as they await the departure of Hubert Ingraham, which BP confirms will not happen on August 31st.

Minnis is in trouble and from the way it looks, he will be tripped down before he can start running.

We report yinner decide!


  1. This resport have nothing to do with the FNM and it leadership. BP you and people really need to get a life and stop being bias.

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