Tonique Darling blocked from carrying Bahamian flag at Olympics opening


Sir Arthur dines with Queen Elizabeth II

Sir Arthur and Tonique Darling at Bahamas House in London for a reception sponsored by Cable and Wireless Wednesday night.

London — Breaking news coming out of London happening right now confirms Bahamian gold medalist Tonique Darling has been rejected by the Olympic Committee to carry the Bahamas flag at the opening ceremonies at the Games.

Tonique Darling

BP teams in London tell us the track star was disappointed upon hearing the news.

Darling, along with some 30 persons on the joyride with the 21 athletes, was listed as the chaperon for the team. However, Olympic authorities have decided only athletes can participate in the carrying of a country’s flag.

Meanwhile, sometime today, Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes and Lady Joan are expected to have tea with Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen has commanded all her representatives from around the world to join her for lunch before the games.

Sources tell us that, following the games, Sir Arthur will vacation in France to connect with friends. We are told that, when he returns to the country, Sir Arthur could make way for a new GG.

We report yinner decide!