All seven passengers of a Cessna 402 aircraft are dead!!! Hospital in Chaos



Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press now has updates involving that plane crash in Lake Killarney near the airport.

BP can report the crash took place just shortly after noon. We can confirm the plane was headed for San Salvador and was piloted by veteran pilot and businessman, Nelson Hanna. Hanna we are told is one of the best in the business and thus the investigation of this crash is now underway

We are told at this hour there are no survivors, however, one passenger was removed from the scene still alive but feared to not be able to make the ride back to the hospital.

BP teams are now on the scene at the Princess Margaret Hospital where we are told family members and the general public has swamp the Accident and Emergency areas.

We are told hospital is now in a state of chaos and family members and friends fear the worst.

BP can say one of the deceased is an employee of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation. We are also told others on board were sound and lighting personnel of a major studio company/music group here in New Providence.

Some seven passengers were on board the aircraft. The aircraft is still submerged in waters of Killarney where the air Cessna 402 vessel breakup on impact.

BP is also reporting the advance setup team of the local entertainment group, Visage are the victims in the fatal airplane crash today. BP can confirm the team was headed on a setup of the Homecoming in San Salvador slated for this weekend. We can confirm no member of the instrumental or vocal teams were involved in today’s crash.

BP will update you as more information is released to us.


  1. i am sooooooooo sorry to hear this ,my heart goes out to all the parents out there who’s children was in that tragic happenings.

  2. I fail to understand why the hospital has to be in chaos. The article does not say. If all the persons had died at the scene, why would Bahamians “swamp” Accident and Emergency getting in the way of the medics? What did they expect to see or do? Bahamians really do some stupid things!

  3. I am from Provo Turks and Caicos Island at the Provo Air Center Customs Department where i have enter Mr Nelson Hannah on several accasion Mr hannah Was search a very nice person and at this time i will like to send my condolences to the family and let them know that god is the answer to there prayer just keep the faith and take it to jesus cause he answers prayer we will miss you at customs at the center may your soul rise in peace and rise in glory and to the other family of the victims keep strong and god will guide you through this peace.

  4. Many of us in central Eleuthera are stunned by what has happened. Nelson was our reliable medivac pilot who never let the public down.Day and night sometimes without getting paid Nelson would turn out.We will miss you-why does this sort of tragedy happen to such good people?

  5. It is very sad we must pray for the families.I am sure the CAA is on the site,and a complete investigation will take place to determine the cause of this fatal crash
    Fly west my friends,we all must one day,God bless you all…..

    • greg!…ur full of it!….when since have u seen the findings of accidents such as this, ever comes to the light???…get real!….in a matter of weeks, it’ll be forgotten n the reports or findings will be left to gather dust!

  6. I am from Provo Turks and Caicos my condolences goes out to the famalies of the seven victims who have lost their lives in the plane crash, Bishop Clearence we understand that your son is one of the victims We the churches of God of Prophecy are feeling your pain and are praying that God will strengthen you during your time of berievement keep strong on the Lord

  7. Guys, while I understand that you feel strongly about the state of the media, it is a bit inappropriate and insensitive to be jawing about that right now.
    Let’s focus on the victims and the grief of the families.
    My deepest sympathies to the families of all the victims of this tragedy, especially Nelson’s wife Coreen and their young son, Cornell.

  8. BP thank you keeping up abreast, my family is in San Salvador, and about to do alot of travelling for Home Coming and all the other “news” organizations acting like nothing has happened, My God people have lost their lives and loved ones… and yet they want to call BP a “rumour mill”. Thank you BP.

  9. I extend my deepest sympathies to the families who have lost loved ones in this tragedy, especially the family of the late Nelson Hanna.

    BP, continue to keep us informed. Well done.

    May their souls rest in peace.

  10. “BP can say one of the diseased is an employee of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation.”

    I think the word is DECEASED

  11. Hello I am from the Turks and Caicos Islands and I just heard about the news. It is so sad. I heard a man who is from the Turks and Caicos that he had a son on board the flight,not sure if this is facts. May God be the family of the seven passengers and may they continue to trust in God. Only God knows.

  12. I totally agree with Altec. The Bahamian Media is usually more concerned with being live on the scene at social events and have yet to invest in the equipment needed to be live on the scene of tragic occurrences such as this. It is the media’s responsibility to report the news…the correct news of course…and not the “half-truths” and “convenience” stories. If reporting is done correctly, perhaps there would be less/no lawsuits and/or smoke-outs. If this story is correct, disregarding the statement “one of the DISEASED is an employee of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation,” I am totally shocked!

    • Educated, ZNS, JCN and Cable 12 all have the equipment to go live, but they dont do it that often. They only go live at political conventions because they are getting PAID to do it and at the opening of parliament.

      The last time ZNS went live was with the election court case when Allison Gibson challenged the results. ZNS broke into regular programming and went live to Clint Watson who was at the court house.

      Its so sad the state of the media in this country. Whats even more sad is the fact that they think they are doing a good job!

  13. Indeed…in these sad times it’s good to know that the public can count on “up to the minute” reliable coverage.

    • Lysale i have said it before and I will say it again. The only thing they can now do with BP is create SPIN and Deflection. I heard one of the media houses reported today how we are creating distress at Atlantis. Well, they need not question what we are reporting down there, they should go and ask the dismissed employees. THIS IS AMAZING isn’t it.

      I will tell you, the media in the Bahamas is owned by the same small group who can only find news when it benefits their group.



  14. BP, what a joke the Bahamas media is. Since this tragedy happen, JCN is playing songs, Cable 12 running some foolishness and ZNS is only giving live coverage on 104.5FM.

    What does it take for the news agencies to go live from the scene? Had this happen anywhere in the world, this would have been covered live by all media.

    ZNS, Cable 12 and JCN are total amateurs. This is freaking unbelievable.

    • You know Altec this is the very reason why BP must make the investments in RADIO and TV equipment. But when they aren’t throwing on lawsuit at us they are trying to smoke us out. But as you you can see we are here on the scene UPDATING the public all over the world. 3 major media houses in the US already contacted BP, why? Because we on the ball.

      We COMING!


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