Someone moved $53,000 from the ‘Cookie Jar’…Allegations of Stealing at The Public Treasury?


BP has been advised of alleged stealing at the Public Treasury by two employees. The Public Treasury comes under the direction of ” Papa” and his “mini me”, Mr. “Mona Vie” Laing.

The allegations are: two employees were caught with their hands in the ” Cookie Jar” this past Monday. One employee was alleged to have “stolen” twenty Three Thousand and the other was alleged to have removed thirty Thousand.

We are following this situation closely and have made contact with our sources in the OPM for additional details. We have been further advised that the cameras may have been in the off position.

We call on Papa and his “Mini Me” Mona Vie Laing to advise the Public on the status of the people’s money. However, as with everything else involving this outgoing corrupt “Regime” and in the words of Papa himself, “MUMS THE WORD.”


  1. Bp First you day someone them you heading say “someone”then your story reads two employees? You know we beginning to lose faith in your news stories………..

  2. when persons are stealing by reason of employment is this not a police matter, yet we have matters like the housing corruption scandal ,education many scandals,yet none of these can find there way to court what is the attorney general and the commissioner of police afraid of, or does the prime minister control the police and cort systems.

  3. These people are just scandalous, when it’s not the MPs hitting up the cookie jar; it’s the employees of these government corporations. Soon the directly, they can’t even find the damn cookie jar.

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