FNM BAIC board member set to tender his resignation


Edison Key, Chairman of BAIC.

Nassau, Bahamas – Another Free National Movement officer on a public board is set to tender his resignation.

Bahamas Press has learnt a standing hard-line supporter of the governing party is set to leave the BAIC board at the end of the month following his concerns with the direction of the country.

BP has learnt the member, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, has verbally stated his discontent with the Ingraham government, which he believes has fallen out of grace with the People.

“I don’t know who to support now. Hubert Ingraham has failed this country, and today we are worst off today than we were some 10 years ago. Our national debt has climbed to over $4.2 Billion and plans for the preservations of our national assets are being wrecked left right and centre.

“Bahamians in particular are fast becoming strangers in their own country while Hubert Ingraham goes laughing to the Asian banks. I cannot support this kind of leadership and therefore, I would rather do the honorable thing and remove myself from the board.”

The FNM general is not alone however; BP has been alerted more maneuvers are set to soon take place in the House of Assembly.


  1. I’m beginning to see how those poor 3rd world countries citizens feel. If we get any more taxes and loose any more jobs……we really need some people in government who care about the people.
    The Economic Hit Men finally found us. Load us down with debt ($4billion) so much that we’ll never finish paying. Then take our only money making asset BTC WOW. A lot of companies going WHITE at the top again. Bahamianization is a thing of the past. Any INDEPENDENT Candidates out there…HELP

  2. @ child of the 60s

    GentlY, gently, be ever so gentle with Whap.

    When they are moving from the extreme towards the middle (politically) it is a time of new beginnings and they need all the encouragement that they can get. They have to un-learn (be purged of propaganda and rally talking points) which has been programmed into them (A DEFAULT POSITION TO ASSUME IN ALL THINGS POLITICAL) before they can learn (become a critical thinker dismissing bull regardless of who promotes it).

    Whap, all foolishness promoted for the FNM is totally forgiven, okay (olive branch extended). HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Whap has had a born again kind of experience (I hear angels singing)!

    p.s. I will keep my eyes on you.

    Now if you take on the name “independent” a certain conduct is expected of you.

  3. @Whap
    One thing I would so for you ,you learn quickly.You should feel good that Storm is having an affect on you as suddenly you try to be bi partisan.Look at the last two sentences of your post and you should notice where you contradict yourself.At least you are trying to bullshit new readers to this blog but not me or any other regular.Stop being ashamed to say that you are a diehard red after all your party is the Govt responsible for anything that goes wrong.

  4. @Child of the 60’s. With all due respect, my “bread is far from buttered.” However, I believe I have the right to look beyond the usual political rhetoric. I assume you are usually blinded by the noted rhetoric and are not capable of brushing same aside in order to make comments rationally and without bias! Obviously you are a supporter of the PLP and someone who will support that party even if it’s to the detriment of the country. On the other hand, I am an individual who takes a look at both sides and make decisions based on who provides the best opportunities for the country as a whole!

  5. BAHAMASYOUTH,BAHAMASYOUTH,BAHAMASYOUTH where are you please return as my boots miss taking your exterior to task for the many indescretions you were famous for.Despite our many differences you are better able to argue than some who are here now talking plenty fool.I apologise for causing you to leave this site even though you still read postings.Come and give your thought as persons like Pratty read from scripts and cannot think.

  6. I see a just another cynical, self-serving attention grabber if they’re ever was one. Seems to want to be the boss in whatever party he jumps to? Ya boy tell us what you ever did to improve the lot for Abacoians? Maybe he’ll try to move back to the PLP, but even they didn’t want him when he was wearing their party colors.

  7. @Whap
    Obviously your bread is buttered so you have no reason to be despondent.Before continuing with your pathetic support of anything proposed by this Govt speak with the former Chairman and Senator Ferguson who was just like you and supported anything that the Govt put forward and now he has been put to pasture.Stop being a potcake as what goes around comes around.

  8. BP, we understand your agenda. It is now becoming hilarious!!! All readers are able to tell that your paper smells and election is coming and you would write stories as political propaganda. Might I remind you that BP wrote a story about the PM having been rushed to the hospital for a medical emergency over the weekend. That same evening that story was raised by BP, the PM was was giving a news briefing on several matters.

    Again BP, I enjoy reading your stories as they provide me with the opportunity to have a chuckle or two.

    • Yes he was indeed on the news the next day touring the airport for the 3rd consecutive time. The Prime Minister held a press conference, did you hear ONE PRESS reporter ask him about his health? NOT ONE HAD THE BALLS TO DO SO!

      Of course it allows a chuckle because if we get too serious with al the mess going down, ya may LAFF AT WE SEF! BUT KEEP READING!


  9. It is not surprising that this should come about. He was NEVER really accepted by the Inner Circle of the FNM. He was tolerated because he could bring along some disgruntled PLP’s to the FNM side last election and won handily.
    He can see what HI has done to the country, and cannot take it any more.
    Already the FNM is seeking his replacement; they are considering yet another x-plp or two for their next Candidate. Are there no pure FNM’s capable of running in the South and winning. Why have they got to call upon former PLP’s to run? Actually they do not care about the ideology of the person, they only want to win the seat, and ignore the person after that.

    • Now get this, we never said that BAIC board member is Edison Key! We said he will not revealed that person’s identity. Edison heads up the unit, and he is NOT the board member.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

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