Ambush of gang leader Michael Fox Jr big Monday morning…


Second man gunned down Tuesday morning on Dunkirk Road in FOX HILL…

Michael Fox Jr

Nassau, BAHAMAS- A gang leader confined to a wheelchair was the country’s latest homicide victim.

Bahamas Press is learning Michael Fox Jr, the leader of the Fox Hill Outlaws Gang, was ambushed by three masked gunmen after he pulled up to a home on Fleming Street around 7am.

Fox earned the name “Wheelchair” after he was left paralyzed by a shooting on Ida Street in 2015. One time he was a senior leader in a gang in the Kemp Road community.

Fox, some believe, was believed to be the mastermind of a million-dollar heist of an armored truck at the Odyssey Airport last year. Dino Smith, an associate of Fox who was also suspected of involvement in the heist, was killed in an ambush in January as he drove along Prince Charles Drive. Smith’s passenger, Chatere Wells, was also killed in the incident.

But here is an even deeper twist of things. It is also believed that FOX, who was once closely connected to Stephen “DIE” Stubbs, (who is presently serving time at the Department of Corrections) caused a near deadly attack of Stubbs in Prison last week. Could Fox’s death be a response to this attack? We do not know, but we know the streets could get hot after Monday’s latest homicide!

We report yinner decide!