An alleged stabbing incident at the Sandals Resort in Exuma…Victim’s Condition Unknown


Twenty-nine- year-old, Raushawn Smith, is the victim of a stabbing early this morning in Exuma.

Exuma, Bahamas — Shocking information coming out of the Sandals Emerald Bay Resort on the island of Exuma confirms an employee was stabbed once in the neck and in the chest and up to press time his condition is still unknown.

BP has learned the incident occurred early this morning as bartender, Raushawn Smith, was ambushed by a fellow employee as he left work.

We’ve learned the men had engaged in a confrontation late yesterday night where threats were exchanged between the men.

We can confirm it was following those threats around 12:30 am, when Smith was jumped by his attacker and stabbed in the neck and chest while on property.

Family members stationed on Grand Bahamas confirmed to BP, “We have not heard from Smith and no word on his condition or whereabouts are known to us. We have had no word from the hotel, and we do not know if he is dead or alive.”

The 29-year-old is a resident bartender at the resort. The reasons surrounding the dispute are still unknown.


  1. Sandals Emerald Bay Statement – 6th September 2010

    We can confirm that an incident took place in the early hours of the morning on Monday 6th September 2010 between two off-duty Sandals Emerald Bay team members. The altercation took place away from the resort whilst the two individuals, both Bahamian nationals, were socializing together.

    As a result of the confrontation, one of individuals was taken to the local clinic where he received treatment for his injuries and was released yesterday morning. He was accompanied by Sandals Management throughout. Human Resources personnel at the resort were in contact with the victim’s sister soon after to inform them of the incident and offer support.

    The safety and wellbeing of Sandals Emerald Bay team members is of paramount importance to us and the resort has a zero tolerance on any forms of violence. As such, we will continue to assist the local authorities with their investigation.


  2. Typical Bahamian, hide coverup, hush hush and sweep under the carpet all in the name of Tourism. Don’t come on BP with ya SPIN!


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