An Eight Mile Rock Student Committed Suicide…Was Birbal Responsible?



<<< Students at the Eight Mile Rock High School now committing suicide. Bahamas Press warned that the damages done by a pedophile art teacher who has now fled the country will never be known. Carl Bethel MUST RESIGN NOW for FAILING THE CHILDREN OF THE BAHAMAS!

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Nassau, Bahamas: Tragedy has struck the Eight Mile Rock High School once again, this time a 15 year old student has committed suicide.

Carlton Hall locked himself in his bedroom and hung himself with a necktie. When family members forcefully entered his bedroom, the young lifeless body of the young boy was discovered. Little is being revealed as to why the student really killed himself however, this could be the results of another sad event at Eight Mile Rock High School.birbal

Earlier this year a foreign art teacher at the school – a pedophile rapist – lured more than 20 young boys at the school in an after school project under the disguise of Ministry of Education. The teacher whose name is now published by police Andre Birbal was placed on leave following an investigation after two boys came forward breaking their silence. The pedophile rapist/teacher according to a victim practiced his WICKED CRIME ON STUDENTS AT THE SCHOOL, engaging in unlawful sexual intercourse with them for more than eight years. The incidents took place during his MOE funded after school programme. Following the shocking revelations by PTA president at the school, members of the school community went silent. Where was the guidance counsellors then for those traumatized by that ordeal?

Birbal later resigned as a teacher and was allowed to leave the country before a warrant of arrest was issued by police. HMMMMMM!

Bahamas Press has called for the resignation of Carl Bethel for failing the children of this country! We expresses our deepest sympathy to the family of the deceased.


Carlton Hall committed suicide last night. The boy was a member of the troubled Eight Mile Rock High School where a pedophile art teacher was allowed to flee the country after molesting scores of young boys over an eight year period.


  1. Listen, Birbal is not the only teacher to have probably made a mistake, and he did not do all of what is claimed. However, he is an expatriate. But there are locals who have done worse and nothing has been said and they are still in the system looking pretty and being protected by wellknown top ones. There is a wellknown female teacher there who needs to be grounded. Her name was being called since back in the Hawksbill High days. What is going on. Where is justice. Let justice be served or the Bahamaia public will do it – although she is a Bahamian.

  2. I can’t believe the title asked such a question! Was birbal responsible! Being a REAL friend of the victim I knew as for the hole campus he was not gay an would never be forced to have relations with this man he would rather fight him than do such things!

  3. Just look at his picture, he look like a sick nasty bastard!! I don’t know why they brought him here to teach to these children to begin with. I know all kind of Bahamian Artists, that would have been only to happy to teach our children. I could see them importing science, math, geography, music and foreign language teachers, but an art teacher? I would really like to know what was so interesting about his art class, beside the unnatural sex. I am pretty sure they could have find a Bahamian to teach those children, when I was in school all my Art, Music, and Home Economics teachers were Bahamians and I passed those subjects on my BJC and BGCSE with flying colors.

  4. Those children at Eight Mile Rock High School seem so vulnerable; my heart goes out to all of them. Nobody really understands the role Andre Birbal may have played in this recent suicide. How would we know if this boy was not a victim of this horny monster? We would never know now. I ask myself over and over repeatedly, Why, Why, Why, Why, Why would these children lie on this man? I just don’t understand it! We are a nation of loving people, it seem as though we love this man more than he love us. We allow this man into our country and this is the thanks he repays us with. Our children lives are in shambles, their world have been turned upside down. Imagine being a child and you are suppose to be focusing on passing your BGCSE (we all know how stressful those examinations are) and instead you have to be dealing with the urges of one horny teacher. How the hell are they suppose to be able to focus on passing any examination? If I had the will of this man and all those other horny rapist and child molesters I would hit them one blow on their privates with a hammer and trust me after that one blow, it would not have been anymore use to them. Then I was putting all of them to one deserted island together and have food and water drop off to them by helicopter. We need to get serious with these perverts and stop slapping them on the wrist.

  5. WE are a country that seemingly loves to bury our heads in the sand.Some despicable things took place at EMR school and is buried bcos many persons were slack and too afraid to do their jobs.Why wasnt the sex files investigations fast tracked so that t5he culprit was unable to escape justice.His resignation should not have been accepted until a decision was made.Guidance counsellors in schools must be just that and not compromised by association with anyone.Heads must roll but since we in this country need outsiders to tell us about our wrongs then lets setup a TASK FORCE.Young and vibrant Senior Officers were dismissed from the Police Force recently so hire some of them to look into what went wrong and can be avoided at all Govt and Private schools.Am informed through very reliable sources that most of the young men BUNGIED(for emphasis) by the SISSY teacher have attracted AIDS.The wutless OPPOSITION has not demanded an investigation for fear of being blasted for having many of this persuasion in their ranks.But they need have no fear bcos the Law passed by Parliament in the 90s allows for consenting adults to have unnatural sex in private but in the case of these young men they are under 16 yrs so the law does not protect the sissy teacher.

  6. Media, this is truly a sad story. It’s a really horendous tragedy when life is lost, but especially so when it is a young person. I don’t know whether this young man was one of Berbile’s victims, but clearly something has to be done as to treating those young men involved. Traumatic stress and other psychological problems can be attributed to victims of molestation. Consequently, those parents involved need to seek counselling for their sons.

    I also think that the schools need to be more proactive in the after-school activities. How is it that this teacher was able to victimize these young men under the pretense of some useful programme? I think parents also need to be more proactive. Sometimes situations can be avoided if the parents were more aware of what goes on in their children’s lives. Media, we’re living in some serious times!!!

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