Like Robert Mugabe, Hubert Ingraham is bent on Closing Another Business


warehouse-sidepic1Ingraham’s government has wielded its fist once again as it did with scores of anchor developments. The Prime Minister is now bent to destroy this time closing a Bahamian company. Bahamas Press has learned that Global United Limited and workers will join the list of businesses gone bust due to the decisions of the Ingraham administration.’

Bahamas Press warned some months ago that HUBERT INGRAHAM AKA MUGABE has done this to the Bahamian people, and that the hardship now felt throughout the company is the direct hand-making of INGRAHAM! Bahamas Press is not surprise that Ingraham has trod this road, even calling up on his bank manager at FirstCaribbean to stop the overdraft of the facility for Global United. Ingraham can careless if 210 more workers of this country has NO job. He is bent on closing the company, why? Because it is headed by a PLP!

Bahamas Press presents the press release of Global United CEO on yesterday.

Ingraham Government Appears Determined to Destroy Bahamian Company.
CEO confirms Government rejects all offers to settle outstanding debt and instead moves to wind up Company.

Nassau, Bahamas. March 24, 2009: Captain Jackson Ritchie, CEO and owner of Global United Limited (GUL) confirms today that the Government of Prime Minister Hubert A. Ingraham has rejected all efforts to settle the company’s outstanding debt and instead appears determined to destroy the 18 year old company, which had grown significantly in recent years. After several efforts to personally speak to or meet with the Prime Minister in his capacity as the Minister of Finance, were rebuffed, Captain Ritchie, who was the PLP candidate for the Clifton consistency in the 2007 General election, is now convinced the objective of the Ingraham Government must not be to recover outstanding taxes but to destroy another PLP, no matter the cost. Up until 2007 GUL was paying between $70 to $80 Million dollars a year into the Public Treasury on behalf of various clients. At any one time the company would be no more than 5-7% outstanding in it obligations to the Government, which by any business standard is more than acceptable. Shortly after agreeing to accept the nomination for Clifton, Captain Ritchie confirms he received a call advising that FNM operatives in the Ministry of Finance would use his company’s outstanding balance with Customs as a means of attacking him, Although Ritchie can’t confirm that it was initiated by “FNM” operatives, it was only a few days later when a letter was received, not from the Comptroller of Customs but from a previously unknown employee in the Public Treasury, demanding immediate and full payment.. As the Company did not have the resources to meet this demand it relied upon its Bank, First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB), headed by Managing Director, Ms. Sharon Brown, to continue allowing its overdraft facility to go as high as $5 million and issued checks based on this. Without notice in mid 2007 the Bank, which holds well over $20 million in assets as security, suddenly hardened its policy and return hundreds of checks, The majority of these were replaced within a short period with certified checks.. Additionally The Ministry of Finance had Customs put the company on cash basis and demanded payment in advance for all services. This severely damaged the company’s cash flow and caused it to fall behind in its payment to other vendors who then also demanded cash in advance. In additional to causing a great lost of business, in the later part of 2008, these events led to the company falling behind in it payments to the Bank.1st-pm-b1

Over the past 18 months GUL made several offers to settle with the Government, all of which were rejected, first by the same previously unknown employee of The Public Treasury and then by the Comptroller of Customs. Instead the Minister of Finance initiated legal proceedings and appeared bent on following these through to the end no matter what. Instead of wasting time fighting the lawsuits, the company continued to search for ways to arrange payments to the Government in order to settle the outstanding fees. It is to be noted that (1) if the Government had continued to allow GUL to operate as was the established practice, the current situation would never have arisen and (2) once it did occur, had they accepted one of the earlier payment plan offered, the balance would have already been significantly paid down.

Unlike the Government, FCIB, which is owed far more than the Public Treasury, demonstrated a willingness to work with the company and engaged KPMG Restructuring to review the business plans of the company to work its way out of the current situation and in due course pay all debts. These facts, along with a formal proposal, were forwarded to the Attorney General. Instead of indicating if the proposal was acceptable or not, the AG served the company with four Statutory Demands, asking for payment in full by March 26, 2009 or face winding up of the company. This reaction is very strange as the Government is aware that FCIB holds a fixed and floating debenture over all the assets of the company and its owner, and therefore any attempt to wind up the company would lead to foreclosure by the Bank leaving absolutely nothing for the Government or any other creditors. It is noteworthy that while governments around the world are bailing out companies in order to save jobs, this government will not even give forbearance to a major employer of its citizens. Even the Bank, which is fully secured and the company’s other major unsecured creditors see the benefits to all in allowing the company to continue to operate so that all debts can eventually be paid, however it appears the Minister of Finance, The Right Honorable Prime Minister, Hubert A. Ingraham, has a totally different agenda than collecting Public funds.

The Company notes with interest the various newspaper articles confirming that many other companies, both Foreign and Bahamian, owe the Government, collectively hundreds of millions of dollars in various taxes and fees, yet we know of no other situation where any of these are being targeted in the way this wholly owned, staffed and managed Bahamian company has been targeted.

Since this action against the company commenced, over 160 Bahamian staff, have had to be terminated and if no resolution is found to this situation the company will have to terminate the remaining staff, hand over all assets to the Bank and close its doors permanently on Friday March 27, 2009 The company will then be forced to pursue its option to bring a discrimination lawsuit against the Minister of Finance, the Comptroller of Customs and the Public Treasury.


Attached a proposal sent to Customs in January 2008 and subsequent responses. Other proposals were made and these will be released if necessary.


Click to Read Ministry of Finance Rejection Letter
January 15, 2008 – GUL Letter to The Comptroller of Customs Re: Proposal to settle our balance with The Customs Department.
January 28, 2008 – Letter of REJECTION from the Ministry of Finance, signed by one Joseph Mullings, the same person who sent the first demand in March 2007 referred to in Tuesday’s Press Release.
February 14, 2008 – Letter from the Comptroller of Customs once again REJECTING the proposal.
January 28, 2008 – Letter of Appeal to the Ministry of Finance, copied to the Comptroller of Customs and the Financial Secretary

GUL simply says it wants to Meet with the Minister to sort this matter out and save Jobs.


  1. Sherece I can only say I hope if Mr. Ritchie was a conchy joe FNM he would be getting the same treatment.

  2. sherece poitier :

    CONTRIBUTED? What in the world are you talking about?

    Media must mean that GUL was making a charitable payment, and not simple paying taxes that were due.Media needs to come correct and cut the pablum talk….

  3. BP this article is pure ***. GUL is weighed in the balance and found wanting!! GUL owes an exorbitant amount of money. How can a company owe so much money and still be a company? It should have been put in receivership and sold off long time ago.

  4. Furthermore, media, his business did not contribute anything to the public treasury. He simply submitted the funds that his company collected on behalf of the Bahamas government, and clearly he did not submit some 6 million plus dollars of the collected monies.

    CONTRIBUTED? What in the world are you talking about?

  5. Well media, I am amazed at how you sum people up as either FNM or PLP . Just so you would know, I am no fan of Hubert Ingraham or the FNM, and neither have ever received my vote. You are quite right to ask the question “aren’t people still objective in this town?” I hope that you are able to objectively answer your own question. Don’t you think that it is time to stop being bias and endorsing wrong simply because of political affiliation? The only people that end up suffering here is the average Joe Blow.

    I am Bahamian, and I will encourage no form of corruption from FNM or PLP. If I am caught trying to evade paying customs duty, my defense cannot be,’other people are doing it too. Why come after me.’ Jackson Ritchie really has no defense. Why are you so adamantly defending him? We should instead be encouraging the government to go after every other person that has abused the system. If you have legitimate information about other companies that owe the public treasury and feel that the government is turning a blind eye, then present your evidence. Simply publicize it. Better yet, give it to Ritchie. I am sure that he will publicize it or you.

  6. What the government is doing is repulsive.

    One would think the gov’t would find it hard to ignore basic finance and accounting and be aware that no large companies ANYWHERE are on a cash basis, especially in a time of recession..

    My thoughts are with your family and the Bahamian people that the government clearly could care less about.

  7. @sherece poitier
    Boy all I say is that Bahamas Press has one diverse bunch a people nowadays. When you capture the story of a PLP, the FNMs come out swinging. When you do the same for the FNM the PLPs come out fuming. BOY, how we get like this? Aren’t people still objective in this town?

    Does anyone see OBJECTIVELY ANYMORE? With this whole thing with Ritchie is this. Yes he owes the government. Here is a business that contributed $70 – $80 million to the treasury annually. I mean Ingraham is shutting his eye to Tropical and others. But Global gets squeeze, MY GOODNESS!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  8. @Drama King
    We are not running a petty shop here. GUL collected millions of dollars on behalf of the Bahamas Government and did not submit a large portion of it to the appropriate government agencies. Taking public funds and using it for personal use is theft, even if the intent was to pay it back later. He has robbed the treasury of what could have been years of accrued interest on millions of dollars.

    Let’s stop playing party politics here and get serious. Our country is having to borrow more and more money just to cover basic expenses. Our children and grandchildren and generations to come will be faced with the bills. We cannot afford to continue to finance Jackson Ritchie’s lavish lifestyle with public funds. The government is under no obligation to accept any payment plan from him.

    Jackson Ritchie should be happy that he is only facing possible liquidation and not criminal charges.

  9. The man had more than $2 million in bounced cheques already and failed to pay up for 3 years the funds that were already given to him by clients, now like a typical non-bill-paying Bahamian he would pay the first couple payments to get the heat off and then become delinquent AGAIN!!

    This is not spiteful, it is insightful.

    He has no one to blame but himself. His rope ran out and now the piper is calling.

  10. The man is willing to pay the bill through payment arrangements. The government should allow him to do so. If he was an FNM I am sure he would be allowed to do so. Its not like he is saying he is not paying it at all.

    The government, in my opinion, is being spiteful.

  11. Joe Blow :
    Media: I don’t think you and I are on the same page with the Ritchie issue. If his not paying was a more recent issue due to the global economy I might have some sympathy. He owes over 12 million in duty, much of which was paid already by his clients and he did not forward to the government. He also comes up short with the bank. And what about utility bills? We are not responsible for his living beyond his means but we, the Taxpayers, will end up being the ones paying the piper. You say,”When this backfires” I don’t know what you mean by that. Please explain and while you are at that, Why are you being so protective of Mr. Ritchie?

    Maybe Ritchie is one of Medias sacred calves, like Mitchell and Sears…

  12. Media: I don’t think you and I are on the same page with the Ritchie issue. If his not paying was a more recent issue due to the global economy I might have some sympathy. He owes over 12 million in duty, much of which was paid already by his clients and he did not forward to the government. He also comes up short with the bank. And what about utility bills? We are not responsible for his living beyond his means but we, the Taxpayers, will end up being the ones paying the piper. You say,”When this backfires” I don’t know what you mean by that. Please explain and while you are at that, Why are you being so protective of Mr. Ritchie?

  13. Joe Blow says:How is that I, who import materials from abroad for my business, cannot claim that material until I have paid all the relevant fees? Just ask 10/45 who changed the rates to assist family members.Depending on who is in power some Bahamians just love avoiding payment of taxes.This case proves that 10/45 shouold have resigned when his hand was found in the cookie jar.Now he is arbiter?give me a break.

  14. Media, you need to drop the bomb on Carl over this one. I remember when this story first started to pick up steam, you were the only one chasing it down and was the first and only one to say who the bill ducking MP was. Joe, as much as I wouldn’t mind seeing the evidence, I would be willing to take BP’s word on this one. Nail the bastards BP.

  15. @Joe Blow
    Yeah Right JOE, YEAH PLAY FAIR ECH. They will play fair when we start up on them.

    Have you seen the date when we posted that FACT on Carl Bethel/ From Sept. 8th 2008. You hear him say a word? NOT EVEN IN THE HOUSE WHERE HE IS FREE TO SPEAK. And if you push me I will take it further.

    I say when you want to drag people in the mud, particularly people who have made every attempt to settle their debt. Ingraham better be prepared to settle the debts of those who he REFUSE TO DEAL WITH.

    Don’t worry Joe, don’t worry about the numbers. We will cross that bridge when the time comes. As we said before, we will watch how Ingraham deals with Ritchie. When this BACKFIRES NOW, it would be like ONE PISSY SLAP AT HIS GOVERNMENT!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  16. Good for you Media: Now it’s made public that the Guardian owes National Insurance. OK Now reveal how much. The Guardian staff must now inquire of National Insurance to see if their contributions are up to date. Since you name Carl Bethel, let him answer as to the facts and if he did not pay then we name and shame him! As long as you have the proof, we can all back you as you bring these names forward. I am keeping a list. I also want HAI to play fair! I say, let’s pressure them all to live up to their responsibilities.

  17. Well Media: It is the right time to call names. Go ahead and publish them and let the chips fall where they may. Name All, businesses, government ministries, prominent individuals including the religious. Name and shame all and just maybe we can get to the bottom of all this. We just might find that there is enough money to be collected that we can pay back all we borrowed and then some. It has to start somewhere and since You call for change and since You have the proof, get it ALL out in the open.

    • No No in time we will roll them out. The thing is we are watching this Ritchie one closely.

      See you might want to accuse us of PLAYING politcs Joe Blow. But we here at Bahamas Press we pay our bills you know. We pay our bills in advance. And Anyone who does business with us will tell you, we also pay for every service we contract in ADVANCE!

      Let me start then since you ask, did you not know that The Nassau Guardian, yes the same company Manny Alexiou runs. The morning daily which supports the FNM. YES that same financier of Hubert Ingraham owns National INSURANCE? But do you hear the Minister of Finance beating and hauling before the courts the Guardian owes NIB just as JONES? BUT NO!!!!!! That is not discussed, in fact that even ain’t in the paper. BUT we have documents that prove it.

      I say like you, if you GO after one, GO AFTER ALL! STOP THE CHERRY-PICKING! Talk about how the Guardian OWE NATIONAL INSURANCE!

      See you all messing with US tonight!

      Did we not publish a story of the former law-firm of Carl Bethel who owes the Government of the Bahamas, NIB money for a lady who died? The lady was Carl Bethel’s secretary. You forget that ech JOE? Let me direct you to the post in case you all forget!


      Bahamas Press/Editor

  18. Wrong is still wrong people. If Jackson Ritchie’s hands were clean and Hubert Ingraham’s administration went after him unfairly, I would be the first to stand with him against such unfairness. Mr Jackson has no ground to stand on by admitting guilt but claiming that others are also guilty, so why come after me? I fully agree that Mr. Jackson is not the only individual that owes the people money, but the process needs to start somewhere. Why not with him? What makes him so special?

    Both governments have allowed too much slackness, and we the taxpayers end up suffering the consequences. Enough is enough. The process certainly must extend beyond Jackson Ritchie and GUL, but I see no reason for Jackson Ritchie’s whining and complaining. He is a smart man, he knew exactly what he was doing when he took public funds and used them for personal use. We must put party politics aside and see things for exactly what they are.

  19. @Joe Blow
    Well unless some of you wear BLINDERS, we say again, WE ARE NOT, NOT saying Hubert should not go after them you know. Get it right. If you want to start, start with some who OWE millions. Like Kerzner, like Baha Mar, Like…see you want push us to call names. But we will get there. If you see Ritchie close, Ingraham better get ready cause Bahamas Press will list the bills of EVER SINGLE COMPANY before us. And this is a Cabinet Paper and we are NOT afraid to publish it. GO AFTER ALL! NOT SOME! ALL!

    Don’t start with the PLPs and say you collecting taxes. Cause don’t forget now, and I notice you all raising hairs with this article, but ignoring the money we listed owed to BEC by Government.

    We have a list you know JOE BLOW, I have a Cabinet Paper. An authentic LIST of many companies owing Government with taxes across the board. One is Hutcherson, should I say more, you want hear how much that company Hubert brought here owe the government?

    let them don’t work with Ritchie and watch this backfire!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  20. You see for years we have had notice that this one and that one owes BEC this much and the NIB that much . We then ask the question why the government doesn’t go after these people. Then someone does and we complain and make it an issue for whatever reason. I have no doubt when it got down to the “crunch” and Ritchie knew he was on the firing line, he thought he could offer the government 10% of what he owed and he would be up and running and laughing. But the bank also called his bluff and there was no way out. So now he has had to close down. No doubt, he has money salted away elsewhere. And we are all still the losers in all this. And Media will still try to make HAI out as the bad guy. Just one more scandal that will be forgotten next week. When will we face the fact that too many of us are morally corrupt! We can’t change anything until we face that truth.

  21. Media actually had the guts to add more ignorance to his already dumb article.

    I just read through those pdf documents between GUL and Customs and I am even more appalled by BP angle on this story. Kerzner may owe BEC a half million but this GUL dude owed in the millions. If I was to choose which to go after, I would go for the big amount that is overly delinquent. If you already have a history of being a bad bill payer, who would agree to set up another plan for you. This is good business practice.

    And Media, when we come out this economic situation, I promise you that the Bahamas and Bahamians will be tipping. Plenty lessons are being learned for generations to come.

    The proper title should be “Like AIG, GUL is in the hot seat”.

    Just commenting on this idiotic article make me feel dirty and needing a bath. I would, but the %$^* W&S water’s been over since 10pm for the 3rd night straight.

    GO GET UM HUBBIGITY!! And when you done, come get some dearn water flowing in my pipes so I can bathe and calm my nerves.

  22. @Morehands
    See Morehands your point shows the kind of ASININE response we expected. Ritchie has shown his attempts to settle his debt with the government of the Bahamas. We don’t condone BILL OWING. In fact if you read this blog often you would remember our reference to Ingraham’s HANGING A NOSE around the future generation of this country with his deliberate borrowing exercises to construct roads.

    THIS WUTLESS Ingraham government has burrowed more than $550 Million for generations UNBORN to pay. And have you seen where all that money went so far? All I hear is firing and closures happening in this town.

    What we’re saying here is this, if Ritchie was not on Ingraham’s nerve his name would not have arisen in the House by FNMs in the Parliament.

    It is a shame to see how so many owe government, but here again Ingraham is politically selective in who will go down. ONLY MUGABE LIFTS HIS IRON FISTS THAT WAY AGAINST HIS OWN! Ritchie is Bahamian! He is one of US! He ain’t no foreigner like KERZNER! So why he and Jones is targeted by INGRAHAM? EXPLAIN?

    We have said it too often and now it is in play ONCE AGAIN. Ingraham alone has chased scores of anchor developers out of The Bahamas, and now he is going after a Bahamian. THAT ALL WE SAYING! And many of you right there, charring him on. KEEP IT UP, HE SOON REACH YOUR DOOR. When we ask how Ingraham could cut the lights off of over 6,000 Bahamians at BEC and leave Atlantis own on, we heard nothing from you all. But now Ritiches gets shutdown yinna INGRAHAMNITES want come out of the wood work? Keep it up!


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  23. @Connie
    Ahhhhh but here is the point in this post. Mr. Ritchiie hasn’t denied owing the Government of The Bahamas. He like many others owe government, but why, WHY would the INGRAHAM GOVERNMENT TAKE ACTION against him and Jones, when Kerzner’s Atlantis owed BEC over half a million dollars? When Cruise ships have stopped paying departure taxes. When BahaMar owed thousands to BEC as well?

    And why would Ingraham go so hard and deny Ritchie’s proposals to pay down the debt, when his office, the Cabinet office itself owes BEC more than $94,785.40 in back bills?

    We know why Jones and Ritchie is targeted, cause of their political bend towards the PLP. Now we have a list provided to us by our deep throat in Government and if you see the names of persons who owe Customs and BEC, you would drop your jaw “JOE BLOW”.

    Figures now before Bahamas Press confirms this same Ingraham government owes one corporation BEC ALONE over $40 MILLION DOLLARS ($40,643,342.93)!

    The illegal community ain’t paying their BEC bills. The large businesses ain’t paying their BEC BILLS, and the Government of the Bahamas, ain’t paying their bills. So who paying it? Yeah you guessed it, ME AND YOU!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  24. What do you call an individual or an entity which condones wrong for the sake of sensationalism and social propaganda? B_H_M_SP_ _SS.

    Media sounds so idiotic in blaming Hubert and the FNM for going after a company that owed the government MILLIONS FOR YEARS!!!

    We say the Treasury broke and want the government to provide unemployment benefits or hire the unemployable for the sake of putting money in their pockets, but how on earth is the government supposed to do it if it does not go after the bad payers to NIB, real property tax, customs, business licenses, etc? If they print more money, it will devalue our money. If they borrow more money, it will devalue our money.

    This article is asinine to the umpth degree.

    When the GUL properties and its equipment go up for public auction, Morehands will be right their to get some discounted stuff to expand my business. And I do pay my customs on time – I don’t want any favours from no one who will come back ask for kisses later.

  25. Wisdom :Connie, you think we need tax evasion laws in the Bahamas that can cause jail time?Then we would become the first. ” JAIL COUNTRY.” Because everyone would be a canidate for Jail. I guess Fox Hill Prison would be where law abiding citizens resides.

    So you saying the Bahamas can never get to the place where most of the companies in the Bahamas can go for years upon years without paying a dime and after every recourse the best that can be done is you are taken to court when you will probably only be asked “how much can you pay, and do you admit or deny the debt. What are we to do as a nation if there is not recourse for people and companies who purposely do not pay there taxes. Why do you think that the US is so actively going after supposed tax havens because they are losing hundreds of millions of tax dollars offshore. We are losing millions of dollars right here at home. If we are not going to do anything about the problem in general, why bring it up.

  26. Joe, I agree with you and I will be watching to see if the government does in fact do as you say and go after ALL delinquent bill payers and not just the ones who do not support them.

  27. Joe you right on this one. For the life of me I cannot understand how people can owe all this money. If I one month behind on water or light or phone off they go! How can these people be allowed to owe all this money and yet continue to lead lavish lifestyles as if money aint no problem? The Ritchies lead the life of the rich and famous, but they couldn’t be too rich if they owed all that money. They just like them peole in the US, company going bust but still paying themselves huge salaries. Shame on them to now blame it on politics.

  28. Joe Blow you right. I think, some people are so accustom to getting away with murder that, when their deeds catches up with them, their minds are so twisted that they REALLY thinks they are not doing anything wrong. The two Bahamian businessmen that are being discussed seems to have traits “in business” liken unto serial killers. Two person comes to mind, Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer. Check out these links:

  29. Connie, you think we need tax evasion laws in the Bahamas that can cause jail time?
    Then we would become the first. ” JAIL COUNTRY.” Because everyone would be a canidate for Jail. I guess Fox Hill Prison would be where law abiding citizens resides.

  30. Oh please….jackson ritchie and kim ritchie forever been living above their means..they don’t care bout nobody but themselves they fired those 160+ people long time and never paid half of them…go check the complaints at the labour board…these jokers need to be on the streets and need to humble themselves…God’s wrath is upon them…and his wife too deep in witchcraft that’s what it is….it turned on yall…how the gov’t get responsible for their mess….blame the administration that allow all this debt to be piled up in the first place…bunch a damn jokers!!

  31. This story is just like that of Jones’ Communications: monies were paid to Global by Global’s clients that were to cover taxes and fees. Global ( Ritchie) spent the money on sweetheartin’…it is his fault, and the employees should remember that.

  32. The simple answer is because there is cronyism and favoritism at every level of government and that includes the civil service. For some reason we ahve not been able to put the whole puzzle together yet that when you get a tip up front and th government don’t get what is due you end up paying in taxes. I think that all that companies that owe the government should be made public and all those companies that wish should be put on a legally binding payment plan. You mean to tell me Mr. Ingraham made all those BEC customer whose lights were off go and sign payment plans and it can’t so the same for companies. It makes not sense to let Bahamian companies go under because it is the fault of those who are owed if they do not come to collect. I think that we also need tax evasion laws in the Bahamas that can cause jail time we need to get serious.

  33. How is that I, who import materials from abroad for my business, cannot claim that material until I have paid all the relevant fees? While I can accept that the firm in question imports a large amount of goods for other companies and so will be given a time period for payment, what ever happened to the 30-60-90-day time period for payment. It has been reported that this company had not paid duty on the imports for years and the total amount owed is in the millions. Another aspect of this is they owe the NIB and the Bank a lot of money. How, then, does this become another plot by a political party to deliberately try to put a company out of business because the owner belongs to the opposite party? Yes,the workers will be unemployed if the co. closes down, but the majority of the blame for that lies at the feet of the owners and managers. When a company does not meet their obligations to the government institutions and the banks, it is you and I the Taxpayers, who must take up the slack. To make up for their lack of responsibility, we incur higher rates when making a loan and lower rates of interest on our investments. When a government does not collect what it is owed, you and I will suffer the resultant cut-back on service and programs. I support the government in their efforts to go after all delinquent payers, no matter their excuses. I am tired of paying for persons who are either poor business people or who more likely than not are driven by their greed and care not for the rest of us, who faithfully do our duty.

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