Gorman Bannister VS John Marquis…The REAL STORY!



  1. WOW! :I heard Ortland’s Bodie’s show the other day and he claimed he was a lawyer for Ledher. He claimed this story is not true but that he has pictures of six sitting FNM MP’s attending parties on Norman’s Cay back then.

    If you believe anything that Ortland Bodie says then I don’t know who’s more stupid him or you.

  2. frank barber was the owner of gorda cay. hubert ingraham was his lawyer. abner pinder was allowed to sell gorda cay to the disney cruise people and hubert ingraham as pm allowed it, even though pinder was not the owner. frank barber did many things financially for hubert ingraham as well as arthur d. hanna (Midge), while trafficking drugs through gorda cay. in fact, it was a joke, but true, that barber offered hanna some cash for his assistance and instead, hanna asked and got an out board engine for his boat that sat in k.c. cartwrights car lot for years. and by the way, orville turnquest was joe lehder’s last lawyer of record while lehder was a fugitive from justice. lehder fired nigel bowe, but turnquest told bowe to hold the files until a later date. these are the kinds of things that can come out when a guy like marquis uses selected targeting for his own purposes. the only problem is collateral damage also occurs when others know the whole story. it is amazing to me that eileen carron would allow marquis to carry on in this direction when it can only lead to her involvement in spy activity.

  3. It is amazing that the Tribune won’t reprint their song of praises to Carlos Joe Lehder that was first published in 1979,and the Tribune’s relationship with lehder at that time and the reason/s for their break up.While the Tribune is reseaching history perhaps they can reveal who is confidential informer 1622 and their relationship with a fellow Bahamian name Abner Pinder who in the early 1980’s was a major smuggler of cocaine and marijuana through Gorda Cay.The Tribune can also reveal the names of the lawyers who assisted drug dealers like Ledher,Kojak and Reed in the purchased of properties and equipment and legal defense.We know who this list will include. Please madam Tribune explain how black Bahamians smugglers went to jail and cannot travel to the USA but white Bahamians smugglers never went to jail.

  4. Wow,wow Mr Bodie needs to produce the pictures as evidence,so that the six sitting FNM members can remain sitting,but not in the House Of Assemblysome place in their house or on the street .let us call Mr Bodie bluff.

  5. I heard Ortland’s Bodie’s show the other day and he claimed he was a lawyer for Ledher. He claimed this story is not true but that he has pictures of six sitting FNM MP’s attending parties on Norman’s Cay back then.

  6. It was Ghandi that said and I quote “even with a majority of one the truth is the truth.” ….This is eveidance that this Marquis must be made to leave our country it is obvious and clear that in his writtings he is grasping at straws and the evil plan that that outdated group of zealots have hatched against Sir Lynden and the PLP will begin to go down in flames.

  7. I really believe the Pindling story was misdirection and distraction of what is really going on in this country and what the FNM is not doing to fix the situation. These alleged events happened some 25-30 years ago why is it now that this story is so relevant.

    Thinking Bahamians need to ask them selves that question. Why now did Mr. Marquis decide to write this piece. The Sea Hauler piece, very timely but this piece now? Shouldn’t this have been published quite some time ago Sir Marquis?

    Distraction and Misdirection at its best. Good work Mr. Marquis

  8. While we are in this discussion BP a discussion on CI 1622 should flow since some of us complain that history needs to be known by the young in our society.I wonder if the UISA Freedom of information act allows for records of 25 yrs or more to be released.The Ingraham/Christie connection during the same period is now open for public scrutiny.Skeletons are restless and so are some living persons.Imagine this as the countries stimulus package since many books will be written and the sources for the information should amass millions.

  9. I am actually becoming interested in this now because some names of people that are yet still alive our coming into the mix now. IT geting interesting to find how what actually went on and how brave Mr. Marquis really is and how much longer he is prepared to go on with this. I remember Sir Lynden referring to Janet Bostwick as “godmother”. I now actually want to encourage Marquis to keep digging.

  10. When you though you heard it all then this. My problem with this is why did they waited until the the father of the nation died before they brought this to the surface? The man is not here to defend himself so with this in mind let his soul and all the departed rest in peace, until that great judgement day.

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