An Environmental Disaster unfolding in East End Grand Bahama…As Hurricane Dorian damages oil storage facility…

STATOIL facility in East End Grand Bahama an environmental disaster unfolding following Hurricane Dorian passage.

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama| While airports are opening in affected areas following the passage of Hurricane Dorian through the northern Bahamas, the Minnis Government has blocked local donors and relief supplies from traveling into affected areas.

But while all this unfolds, we at BP can report an environmental disaster is unfolding in the Eastern corridor of Grand Bahama Island.

A massive oil breach at Burmah Oil Terminal following the passage of Hurricane Dorian has occurred. Right now STATOIL has a major leak after lids blew off tanks in the 185mph winds that engulfed Grand Bahama island and lasted for some three long days.

The team left to care for the facility are still unknown.

BP, however, can confirm bodies have been recovered and identified in the High Rock community of Grand Bahama, not far from this facility. Some families decided to ride out the storm, knowing the threats of dangerous rising tides. A body count for the area has not been concluded. However, we know regarding the victims in High Rock alone, women and children are in the count of the victims.

Casualties are being reported across the island of Grand Bahama. In Abaco alone, the Bahamas government has ordered and received some 200 body bags as the body count in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian continues to rise.

We report yinner decide!


  1. What this story really should report is how well the facility withstood winds of unprecedented strength and time. Fortunately it appears no significant amount of oil went into the ocean, and the land can be quickly remediated. No, I don’t work for Equinor.

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