An urgent structural assessment must be done on Paradise Island tunnel as beam collapsed this morning!


Is the infrastructure on Paradise Island being maintained?

Beam above the tunnel over on Paradise island collapsed this morning. Is this being maintained?

Nassau, Bahamas – An urgent structural assessment is needed following the collapse of a beam that leads to western properties on Paradise Island. The beam fell this morning, however, one injuries were reported.

The tunnel was designed to allow passage of vessels into the Atlantis’ marina above. A few years ago the beam was struck hard by a passing truck and at that time the corridor was shutdown. On another occasion the tunnel became flooded after water guessed into it.

Bahamas Press now wonders what does this say about the entire infrastructure on the island and what will be the government’s response? Who is looking after these things? Are the facilities on Paradise Island being maintained?

The incident forced delays early this morning and caused staff and guests to reroute their accesses into the Cove and western properties.

We report yinner decide!

Workers delayed in getting to work this morning as beam collapse under tunnel.