Andrew Bridgewater arrested by police last night for another alleged rape attempt

Child sex rapist Andrew Bridgewater

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press has learnt former convict for rape, Andrew Bridgewater, was arrested yesterday by police after a distress call alerted authorities that the convict had attempted to assault and rape another victim.

Readers would remember Bridgewater was recently released from jail, where he was convicted for molesting a 6-year-old girl and left her to die. BP is calling for a sexual offenders register to be implemented to list all convicts for crimes against children.

Bridgewater pleaded guilty on December 13, 2006 to having unlawful sexual intercourse with the girl after she was found coming from bushes behind the Blue Hill Road power plant.

She was clothed only in a blood stained T-shirt, according to police.

The child’s doctor’s report revealed that she suffered from a laceration to the labia, bleeding in the vaginal wall, swelling to the forehead, a haematoma to her cheek and vaginal laceration with second and third degree tears from her vagina to her rectum.

The girl had to be hospitalized for two to three weeks as a result of the sexual assault, according to authorities.

What sermon will RANDY FRASER preach this Sunday? How to have sex in Church?

Readers should note Bridgewater was release from jail one week before the death of young Marco Archer.

In other news  BP has learnt Rev. Albert Whylly, a former police officer and convict in the rape of his 14 year old daughter, was again convicted in the rape of a 12-year-old girl yesterday, who was also his relative.

Hartman Longley sentenced Whylly to life after being found guilty by jury.

Now get this, Whylly’s incident happened in February this year and to date he is convicted. Bishop E. Randy Fraser’s case against a dependent allegedly occurred in 2005 and to date the Baptist preacher has yet to know his fate.

Fraser, who was a former teacher and member of the Child Protection Board, has had long delays in the courts going on for the past six years.

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  1. Oh My God……why was this man even freed after he almost mentally and physically killed this little gurl, wow that’s jus sad……

  2. It’s just horrible what he did to that six year old baby girl, only to be let back on the streets to do it again where is the justice in the Bahamas we need to bring back hanging because there is absolutely no help or changing for these sick bastards all they do is prey on our children robbers get penalized more severely than these disgusting freaks of nature, it makes me sick too my stomach to think about this heinous crime. I will tell you one thing I’m a mother of a son and two daughters and if I dream or have knowledge of any such thing happening to my children, and I happens to find this animal first I will call the police after I done kill him or her, because there is no law no one to look too for help even the pastors raping your children and abusing their power in society it’s awful!!!!

  3. how many children is this man going to have to destroy before the law understands that he is human garbage? he will never get better ok! can’t the judicial system see this? if it was Mr.”so and so” child he had beaten and raped he would have never seen the light of day again.there is NO GADAMN REHABILITATION FOR THESE SICK BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!don’t yall friggin get it? just hang their ass and lets get on with it. u already gave him a chance so just finish him off. put him where he wants to be so the biggest man in dere could rape him! shit!!

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