Andy Johnson murdered at the Baillou Hill Fish Market last night….


Man who was accused in the murder of the school teacher shot dead on Parkage Road some years back is son/brother of murdered victims on Sutton Street Friday…

Andy Johnson gunned down like an animal last evening.

NASSAU| There was another violent homicide last evening behind The Fish Market near the Golden Gates Shopping Plaza on Baillou Hill Road.

The victim has been identified as Andy Johnson. Johnson, otherwise known as “Sip”, was charged with the December 2, 2019 murder of Brian Evans Jr. at Dominica Way. Evans was the boyfriend of Johnson’s sister.

He became the 6th soul for the week to be gunned or hacked down since Sunday as multiple bail murders run wild not monitoring in the country.

We still don’t understand why yinner police does bring the murders into custody. But hey….das the system eh? THE COURTS ARE SHAMELESS!

Yesterday Sandilands employees Bernadette Tynes and Bertram McPhee were victims of a deadly shooting at their home on Sutton Street off Kemp Road. A man released on bail for murder is now on the run after murdering them both. But guess what? The son/brother of both victims was also charged in the murder of 34-year-old Queen College teacher and mother of two Joyelle McIntosh.

She was shot multiple times in her upper body and once in the head at the traffic light at the intersection of Parkgate and Village Roads back in 2015. We’ll guess what? That accused shooter walking up and down with gun today.

We report yinner decide.