Anglican Bishop driver and kids robbed at gunpoint outside the cleric San Souci home this morning!


Robbers Takes off with Anglican Bishop’s Car and took everything from the driver and kids!!!!

Bishop of Anglican Church Rt. Rev’d Lish Boyd.

Nassau, Bahamas – Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press confirms that the crime wave now being felt across the country has taken a new twist. Just earlier this week an 8-month-old infant was fatally shot by the child’s uncle who has since turned himself into police.

This morning, however, Anglican Bishop Laish Zane Boyd has become the latest victim of bandits even though he was out of the country.

BP teams in the area following the incident have confirmed that this morning around 7:30am bandits outside the San Souci home of Bishop Boyd held up his driver along with his three sons and a cousin and violently robbed them of all their personal items including the registered Church of England vehicle.

A statement issued by Addington House read, “The Bishop is on route from a visit to Antigua and will be back later today. Please pray for the Bishop and all other involved in this most unfortunate incident. Let us pray also for the perpetrators of such crimes.”

What is also clear is that there needs to be a national prayer for the country!

Just last week bandits took off with the collection of St. Georges Anglican Church! The incident have forced many parishes to hire additional armed security escorts to the bank as the Minnis Administration is still searching for its Absent Crime PLAN!! You cannot fire everybody and expect pampers and weave to show up out of thin air eh?

We report yinner decide!