Another charred eyesore on Carmichael Road



Whilst police are figuring out how to convey the message that crime in the Bahamas is under control, residents and guest in this country are asking themselves how did the spirit of Rawanda enter The Bahamas? How did the country turn into such rot and filth over night?

Since last week Saturday residents in the area of the Carmichael Road near the police station woke up to another resident’s car charred on the side of the road. This mini van is less than one block east of the police station, right in front of the John Chea #4 food store. Sitting partially in the main [Carmichael Road]. And since last week Saturday to this present day, THURSDAY MORNING not ONE the individual who are responsible for garbage has had the gumshoe to oversee the removal this eyesore.

With declining figures and jobs in the tourism business, slaughter and crime hemorrhaging the civility across the land, and now with every morning New Providence waking up to a city clouded with garbage ALL AROUND, SOMEONE MUST FIND THE VOICE AND BEGIN FIXING THE ROT WE ARE QUICKLY TURNING INTO! FOR  heavens sake, WHERE IS THE NATIONAL PRIDE? It must be a NATIONAL DISGRACE TO KNOW THAT THE WORLD CAN SEE THE GARBAGE IN THE ROAD HERE IN ON NEW PROVIDENCE and THE AUTHORITIES HERE ON THE ISLAND HAS THEIR EYES SHUT!


  1. It is amazing to me that persons charged with the safety and welfare of the people can continue to close their eyes to their surroundings. No doubt the vehicle was reported stolen and police should have immediately taken charge and had the car towed, not only because it is an eyesore but because they need to begin an investigation. It has been my experience everyone is waiting for someone else to take charge. While private citizens are ask to co-operate and help the police, when one does, they are sent from “pillar to post” as each department refers you to someone else. Just the apathy one is treated to is so discouraging!
    But on the positive side, while waiting for a matter to be heard, I sat in on the Environmental Court session. There were about 30 transgressors in court that morning, all with various reasons why they should be excused and not fined. But between the good work of the prosecutor and the magistrate they were fined and admonished to do better with the environment or a more severe punishment would be meted out.
    Bye the bye, Media, “gum shoe” is slang for detective. Did you mean gumption (initiative,enterprising spirit, ready practical sense)?

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