Kudos to Peter Roker at Bargain City Esso



The owner of this service station is a true MAN FOR THE PEOPLE. This gas station not only leads in the lowest gas in the country, but has also the best service in the business. Whilst many service stations have high prices and no attendents, Roker’s station has the lowest gas and GREAT aiding attendents. Bahamas Press congratulates Mr. Peter Roker at Esso Bargain City Station in Western Carmichael Road for being, A MAN FOR THE PEOPLE!


  1. Peter Roker instinctively knows what “diversify or die” means in business. He has not put all his eggs in one basket. He can afford now to offer and maybe take a lot less in profits on his gasoline because he has other “irons in the fire.” Smart business man.

  2. It was Bahamas Press that originally acknowledged that Esso Bargain City was offering lower gasoline prices to it customers during the early morning and brought it to the attention of its readers. During these hard times whenever people could save a few cents to go towards something else essential, it always comes in handy. Thanks BP for letting people know where they could buy gas at a lower cost and I am sure Mr. Roker appreciates you for promoting his business. That is good when someone who is making a difference in their community can be recognized for their efforts.

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