Another female bitten by a shark while snorkeling near Rose Island….


Female shark bite at Rose Island.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a shark attack that has left a visitor from Switzerland detained in hospital on Thursday, July 27 2017.

Preliminary information indicates shortly after 12 the woman was on a private snorkeling trip in waters near Rose Island, when she was attacked by a shark.

The woman was transported to shore and taken to hospital where she is detained in stable condition.


  1. Hi world, this is the shark girl from Switzerland 😀
    I’m not a tourist, I’m a friend. I wanted to go hunting with the local fisherman Fred. He was so kind, to take us to the Rose Island. I was in the water, because I wanted to observe, how he hunts with the speer- it was soo exciting! When I felt the bite and screamed after Fred, he reacted fast and whise. He told me, I have to swim as quick as possible to the coast. While I was swimming, he was always right behind me and protected me with the speer, in case the shark would attack me again. He made bubbles and waves with his flippers to confuse the shark. He risked his life to safe mine. He pushed me up on a rock, even he can’t fully use one arm and leg of his body, bacause of an accident. He run to my two other friends on the other side of the island to inform them and together they came with the boat to pick me up from the stone. He drove me back to Nassau, where I got all the help, I needed. On the way, we were singing and worshiping God, because He was there. God is not good, because I’m still alive or kept my foot- God is Good because He is a good God! We reached Nassau and the police came to ask Fred questions and so many tourists blamed my hero Fred for the accident. There are many lies and rumours outside, because the people want someone to blame, bacause they can’t understand, how something like this can happen. I just know, that there is an amazing God, who has everything under control and he used an ordinary fisherman to do extraordinary things! It says in the song “Oceans” from Hillsong: “You call me out upon the waters, the great unknown, where feet may fail. And there I found you in the mystery, in oceans deep, my faith will stand.” I was the whole time in Gods embrace and he prepared me for this situation. Check my fb profile picture- that’s not coincidence- that’s a sovereign God- to Him all the glory!

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