Another former PLP MP gets axed after telling the nation he has never been a sissy!


Ron Pinder removed again this time as Deputy Registrar!

Ron Pinder
Ron Pinder

Nassau, Bahamas – Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press confirms Deputy Registrar Ron Pinder has been removed from his position.

It is still unknown where in the government Pinder has been transferred.

Pinder made news last week when he conducted a wedding between a couple as a declared marriage officer in the country. Social Media caught fire last week as some speculated that the wedding might appear to be a same sex marriage. It was discovered, however, that the male was indeed a male. The controversy forced the department to issue a statement quoting the law on marriage in the Bahamas.

Pinder, on the other hand, rushed to hold a press conference in the Salvation Army building to tell the nation he ain’t no gal. But who asked him that?

Pinder was unceremoniously removed as the Chairman of The Straw Market Authority early in the PLP’s re-election to power!

We report yinner decide!