Another Grand Bahamian dies due to the bad economic policies



Our Lucaya Hotel

Jones Town, Eight Mile Rock — There is sad news coming out of recession ground zero Grand Bahama tonight where Bahamas Press agents in that community report the death of a fired worker from the Our Lucaya Resort.

BP agents on the ground in the community of Eight Mile Rock tell us, 37-year-old Dario Gibbs, one of the first to be terminated two weeks ago from the Our Lucaya Resort, suffered a massive heart attack tonight and died.

Gibbs we are told was under a weight of stress due to his termination from the hotel and was fighting to make ends meet. We are also told by family members; Gibbs took his termination hard as he could not afford the basic needs for his family; wife and two small children. Dion obviously didn’t find this hardworking father a job.

Gibbs, a former restaurant waiter, was said to be the best in the industry, working long hours and filling in where needed. He will be miss.

We wonder what the VILLAGE IDIOT, Vernea Grant, has to say tonight. Missing in action as usual!

We at BP offers our prayers to the family in this most tragic hour. May his soul rest in peace.


  1. Whatever the situation with Mr. Gibbs and the rest of his family,I offer my deepest condolence.My beloved Island is in dire need, I left there about 8yrs ago for employment here in Nassau,I have been back home (GB)some two years ago, the Island just appeared surreal to me.No Government or GBPA has brought hope to that island,I am sadden by it all.No politricking will move the masses, we need some serious prayers, then balls to make a change,and right now these jive politicians ain’t saying s#@t to make things happen.I will pray hard continuous for my Beloved Island and Country, as I am about to move even further in my betterment in coming weeks.WE NEED CHANGE…

  2. grand bahama jump out of the frying pan in to the fire by voting fnm none of these party is perfect but the plp is a more people party we turn back in 2007 dont blame me i vote PLP.

  3. RIP fellow citizens as this unjust period especially for GB and other Islands will prove just how prepared we are as a country to continue to buy into all the bull**** talk by our politicians.While Rome(Bahamas) burns most preachers say nothing out of fear of man.Why hasnt the Govt appointed an agency to speak to disengaged workers to lessen the stress of job loss?Does the Govt realise the great frustration in the communities?Does the Govt care that many citizens go to bed hungry?Does the Govt collect empirical evidence to gauge how its citizens survive?There is too much political talking and no solutions to our myriad problems of joblesness and hopelesness.

  4. You know what’s sad? The fact that BP is making this a issue political. Since you are indeed making it political BP, Grand Bahama’s economy was not going anywhere during the great days of the last PLP regime sirs! If the PLP had done versus planned, everything it bragged about during its term, perhaps we would not be in the position the country is in! People taking their lives is a sad thing but it’s is an individual decision. I am without employment and haven’t committed suicide and most certainly wouldn’t do it! Please stop with trying to make everything political!! This is a sad issue and should not, should not be politicized!!!!!! This is in extremely poor taste BP, remember this individual has family members!!!

    • If the balance of power was the other way around, do you think them FNM’s would not comment, as by example the crime situation, what did Tommy Tucker say on the campaign trail, “Get rid of the PLP and you will get ride of Crime” [something to that effect not word for word now], so stop being cynical and own up to the facts, this Government has failed to deliver on its promises and Freeport is a clear example, why don’t they publish a unemployment statics, The Minister can rush to GB when the 202 worker were laid of and cannot commission a unemployment report, to quote BP’s words “WHAT A DUTTY SHAME”, and worthless bunch.

    • @whap, no matter how you look at it, the state of Grand Bahama is political – government policies/decisions drive the economy. We cannot immediately lay blame to red or yellow for what started the downward spiral – it was an act of God. However, promises were made on one side and not delivered. People have been waiting in anticipation of being able to return to what was once considered a normal life for them and their families, but instead they are being stressed with even more hardship as things are further being declined.
      While you seem to be surviving quite comfortably, let’s not imagine that everyone else is, as you may not be on the social services line, but hundreds of others are there. You have no idea emotionally what these people are experiencing… ask the children of some of these people. While this is a sad occasion, and there could have been other contributing factors to Mr. Gibb’s death, I am sure that the deterioration of his quality of life ranked high on the list.

      • @ Lady! My dear sweet Lady; I am indeed one of those persons who had to take advantage of the funds given by the government through NIB (unemployment benefit). I too am not employed, which you, you, you might not be! I too have responsibilities and at times don’t know where I will get a next meal from but at time could rely on the assistance of my brothers and sisters. So sweetness, don’t believe that I am what/who you believe I am. If you don’t know my circumstances, please refrain from commenting on it!

  5. How did economic policies coase this mans unfortunate hart attack? I work at the same hotel and we have had 3 to 4 persons die before christmas last year that had no reason to think they where being laid off, was that because of the economic policies too? Or what about the ones that had strokes and lived but can not work anymore, the policies caused them too? WE NEED TO STOP POLITICISING EVERYTHING IN THIS COUNTRY!!! This is the reason wer cannot do better and move our country forward. These are sad events that could have happened at any time, politics has nothing to do with death. We need to GROW UP AND BE ADULTS about things like this.

    • WE REPORT YINNER DECIDE! Or like Ingraham would say “It is why we are on THIS SIDE and YINNER are on DAT SIDE! READERS TRUST US! You don’t…


  6. It’s sad to see the economy in Grand Bahama and to hear politicians say that we are making it. It’s hard for persons who are working to be making it because things are getting hard, prices are going up and salaries are staying where they are.
    What upsets me most is that we are talking about the second city and people have to leave their homes to go elsewhere in search for a job. The Government really fall flat on their faces in Grand Bahama and I know that we will be a top issue during the elections

  7. Maybe he had the heart attack from working so many hours at the restaurant and eating Bahamian food (which itself can cause a massive heart attack). RIP

    • @terryj, do you have empirical evidence to support your claim “Maybe he had the heart attack from…eating Bahamian food (which itself can cause a massive heart attack)”? I guess we as Bahamians (excluding you because you probably don’t eat Bahamian food) are all walking time bombs with that being said. Let’s be sensitive to the situation. Just in case you did not know, Grand Bahama has been facing a depression for almost 7 years now. Many have lost jobs, and now in some instances their is no breadwinner in the family. Come on terryj, put yourself in somebody’s shoe for a minute. For many it is becomming a struggle just to be able to afford the basic necessities. Not being able to do it as the head of your household, I would imagine would create a tremendous amount of stress among the other of life’s stresses. If you care to lay blame, let us say the government has committed murder…. they delivered on no promises, and neither have they done anything to help the economy of Grand Bahama – can’t you see the ripple effect of the quality of life for Grand Bahamians? By extension this places the life of Mr.Gibbs and many other young persons at risks. May his family find they comfort that they need at this time… RIP!

  8. Thank you for this update, BP. I was just telling a concerned visitor to The Bahamas, over on another Thread, just how the government’s callous disregard, and lack of genuine compassion for our impoverished citizens did in fact lead to many untimely deaths of Bahamians.

    I too, wish to add my condolences to the bereaved family and pray that soon will come an administration committed to real Government Accountability, similar to the existing investigative arm of the US Congress.

    Sadly, the failure the Bahamian Press, to investgate matters fully and report the truth fearlessly, has led us to this posture of national hopelessness.

    A case in point is a frontpage news story in The Nassau Guardian of Friday March 11, 2011 captioned: “Brave Davis’ untimely death comments called ‘disturbing’. Reporter, Chester Robards created a one-sided negative news report based on a interview with Minister of Labour and Social Development, Dion Foulkes, who took issue with a speech delivered by Progressive Liberal Party (PLP)Deputy Leader Philip Brave Davis at a recent rally at which he charged that the failure of the Free National Movement (FNM) administration to create jobs to deal with the country’s unemployment problem led to the untimely deaths of Bahamians.

    While Foulkes took issue with Brave Davis’ references to the rise in the untimely deaths, the recent danger faced by the infirmed residents at the All Saints Camp during the 2 months of their electricity being disconnected by the government, coupled with the death of Mr. Dario Gibbs in Grand Bahama are yet further evidence of the government’s insensitivity and lack of compassion towards impoverished Bahamian citizens.

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