Another homicide #125 reported in the Grove this afternoon…


Homicide Victim is Omar Dorsette

Omar Dorsette is country’s 125th homicide victim.

Nassau – While some in the Minnis Administration suggest crime is under control and on the decline, horror after horror is unfolding on the ground in communities all across the country.

Police are right now searching for the suspects responsible for a shooting that has left a male dead this afternoon.

BP has identified the victim as Omar Dorsette who was shot just behind the police Urban Renewal Station in the Grove.

According to reports, shortly after 3:00pm, a man was in his home at Sixth Street, Coconut Grove when two men armed with firearms entered and shot him before fleeing in a Honda vehicle. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

No one else in the home was injured.

Prime Minister Minnis told the country he now has crime under control and the country is on the path for growth and development. Problem is we the people still await one plan from PM Minnis.

We report yinner decide!