PM Minnis Promise of Jobs for young people proves to be FAKE as 80-year-old Arlington Miller gets hired in department of Labour!


Eighty-Year-Old Arlington Miller HIRED as 16 young Bahamians are set to be FIRED THIS JANUARY! Its da People’s TIME!

Retired Union Man and former FNM Senator hired as Labour Board Consultant.

Nassau – Bahamas Press is learning how the Minnis Cabinet has approved the hiring of 80-year-old Arlington Miller as a consultant in the Department of Labour.

Now PM Minnis was one of the main critics of the Christie Government to have hired what he described as geriatrics on the payroll of the public purse. And it was the FNM who suggested that when they come to power they would create a society for young people.

But the People’s Time theme is proving to be fake! Miller, a former trade union leader and former FNM Senator, is now 80-years-old and some sources tell us he may not know if Christmas has gone or is coming.

And while Miller dem is getting hired, some 5,613 young and working aged persons have been axed since May 10th. An entire crew set to come into the Defence Force have been cancelled and the threat to fire some 203 graduates at the Department of Immigration is real.

And today we have learned the Minnis Cabinet has agreed at the end of January to terminate the services of some 16 young persons out of BAIC. It is truly da PEOPLE’S TIME!

We report yinner decide!