Minnis Government cannot name one job created since being elected on May 10th – 12 Young ladies to go home at Venetian Jewelers!

More Bahamians gern home in the new year!

Nassau – Bahamas Press is learning that 12 young women will be unemployed for the New Year as Venetian Jewelers closes its doors after 13 years in business in the Bahamas.

The family is headed back to Scotland after making the Bahamas their home all these years on Charlotte Street north. All of the young ladies have children. Now this is sad.

At Venetian Jewelers you can find a large selection of fine jewelry including diamond rings, diamond jewelry as well as gold and platinum bands.

We warned the Minnis Government that this was going to be the case after it fired some 5,613 government workers and in the coming days plan to sack even more. No wonder they have brought up the distraction conversation about Marital Rape!

And Minnis dem keep talking about how they are revitalizing the Bahamian economy, but has anyone asked yet for them to name the one investment they have brought since getting elected? Or better yet name the number of jobs created since MAY 10th.

We report yinner decide!