Another JACKASS arrested for drug possession at LPIA!


Trevino Akeem Thompson, age 25, tried to smuggle cocaine in his carryon…

25-year-old Akeem Thompson arrested at LPIA.
25-year-old Akeem Thompson arrested at LPIA.

Thompson was headed back to school but now he will get educated in FOX HILL! How come the Bahamian security checkpoint at LPIA didn’t detect the drugs in Thompson’s carryon???

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is reporting that a 25 – year-old man of Fox Hill, is in custody tonight after he was arrested at LPIA for possession of dangerous drugs on Tuesday.

The man who we have identified as, Trevino Akeem Thompson, just after 7:00pm, as traveling to the United States, when United States Customs and Border Patrol officials detained him at the United States Pre-Clearance Departure Lounge at LPIA after just over two (2) pounds of cocaine in four clear plastic bags of a powdery white substance was found in his carryon.

The weight of the substance was 1.5 kilograms. Thompson was due to travel on Jet Blue Flight #1994 into Fort Lauderdale. [I ga play that number].

He was handed over to the police and is expected to appear in court later this week to be formally charged.

We report yinner decide!