Another man CONVICTED OF MURDER released to kill-off the witnesses in the Bahamas


Tommy Turnquest

Nassau, Bahamas

— A man on death row for murder was granted bail Wednesday. Was the ankle braclet placed on him? No one knows.

Godfrey Sawyer was granted $15,000 bail by the appellate court.

He was convicted in November 2009 of the murder of Sterling Eugene and was sentenced to death by then Senior Supreme Court Justice Anita Allen.


We could only guess he is released so he could now kill-off the witnesses.

Greenslade said no later than today, he is ecited to tell the people bail matters will sppn change.

 Tommy Turnquest declined comments on the convict’s criminal release. WHAT A EMPTY HEAD!


  1. @ Thomas Finley

    We want to GET RID of the BONE HEADS who have stacked the judiciary with their political “friends” thus undermining the very notion of independence of the judiciary. WE plan to pull up this damn tree from its root – gat it!

    You continue to frame everything in politcal terms and obviously has a “concern” about the DNA’s pull on the base support of the FNM. Thomas, young voters will not listen to you. Frankly, they detest people like you because “things” have managed to get this bad because the Thomas Finley’s of the Bahamas keep votin’ des joker in, regardless of what they do or don’t do, here comes the robots to vote for dey parte’ and to hell with the guy who has the answers or solution – red or nuttin.


  3. what they don’t want is bahamians to take matters into they own hands but the look of it ain’t long now. all the signs or there that this fnm needs to go but you will be stunt to see how much people ain’t see nothing wrong with this government my fnm my friend tell me if ing-rum send a murderer in mont mariah he will still vote for him. now thats a real FNM MAXI PAD ALL HE SEE IS RED..

  4. If you fools vote for the DNA, the PLP, or the FNM, this will not effect the Judiciary one iota. They are independent, and accountable to no one. The only way to effect change is to change the Constitution, and at the same time, eliminate the Privy Council as our final Court.

    Oh, btw, even if we get rid of the Privy Council, we will still be bound by past decisions. Talk that!

    • Let me tell you something Thomas, POLITICS IS IN EVERYTHING, even in your response to the article. Electing any of the three does make a difference in the JUDICIARY! The head of the branch is appointed by the ELECTED PM! That’s a constitutional power invested in no one else by the Prime Minister.

      Secondly, on that note, amidst deep and serious resistance, didn’t Hubert Ingraham appoint and made CJ, Michael ‘SEXUAL PREDATOR’ Barnett? I say amidst HEAVY RESISTANCE! And if ya mess with BP today we will tell ya why we call him then and now SEXUAL PREDATOR!

      We know just what you had hoped to do, but now you know! And the people know. Each of the three parties would deliver a different result.


    • @Thomas Finley
      Come now Thomas dont lose it by calling your fellow bloggers fools.You have shocked me on this one,and even though the rest of your article makes sense the term “fools” is knawing.You know what you need to do.

  5. the real murderers is tommy t. and ing-rum for allowing these few tugs to terrorize us like this i bleam the commissioner as well because between him and tommy them someone is clueless as to how to fight crime. my solution is. put together 150 police go tru the system and all them criminal who have more than two charges and on bail pick them up and tag them with ankle brace. give them until 6pm to be inside they house just until things quite down if they broke the law no bail. tommy and ing-rum shuffle round the police force as if they had a plan but we see how that went another fail move. i know marvin dames so happy he don’t have to put up with the FNM DICTATORSHIP PARTY. i hope greenslade don’t stress out him self b/c he is a good man and bahamians don’t like nice leaders. perry can tell yall that.

  6. BP. this is just another indication that our nation is headed for complete.How can a man whose appeal was rejected by the Committee for the Prerogative of mercy be back on the streets. It gets even worse; police claim that they solve 95% of all domestic murders.When you think about it thats nothing to brag about. Women who are threatened report these threats to police and seek protection.The police do not offer them protection and in some cases they are murdered.Of course police can solve these murders. They only have to look at the numerous reports made to them by the victims.

    • Somehow yall aint hear me in this case, the man who was murdered identify this man released as the person who kicked down his door in the middle of the night and shot him up in his bedroom. Now what ga stop him from killing off the witnesses. WE aRE in TROuBLE!

      This latest incident should induce any murder, rapist or robber to proceed with your actions. You could be covicted and by legal technicality, walk free!


  7. To ALL registered voters in The Bahamas. We must take a firm stand against both the FNM and PLP parties by saying enough is enough on election day as it relates to CRIME because someone is lying to us. Mr. Greenslade the Crime Chief recently told the news media how encouraged he was when he met the PM’s representative on crime in The Bahamas (DPP) in a recent meeting. But yet another murder suspect was released on the streets of New Providence to put others in fear. Mr. Prime Minister how long is this going to continue? I’ve been voting for the FNM since the age of 18 yrs old and now I’m 50 yrs old; eventhough my immediate family members are ALL PLP’s. My mother once said to me “if vote for that man Ingraham, you will eat s*** for the rest of your life.” Guess what Mr. Ingraham, her predictions are now a reality for many Bahamians. I can’t vote for the PLP and I certainly wouldn’t be voting for the FNM ever again. My friends and I all feel the same way about voting this time around. Like Mr. Brand McCartney said the other day; your lack of compassion for Bahamian people can be seen throughout the entire Bahamas. To Mr. Bran McCartney, my friends and I are all on the same page. We are waiting patiently and hope that you select forty men and women of honour from throughout the entire Bahama Land, so that we can get rid of both the FNM’s and PLP’s and cast them to the bottom of hell where they truly belong.

  8. This is gaddam ridiculous. By the rate of killings, we will see 200 murders this year.

    You cannot tell me that this country hasn’t gone to hell in a dam handbasket. Here is my advise for the Commissioner of Police, who looks like he has aged 20 yrs overnite.

    Unleash persons of the ilk of Oscar Sands; bring back Big Jew and Robocop; dig up the old flying squad niggas; and lastly, give “zero-tolerance” Ken Strachan the royal mandate to deal with these beasts whereever they lay.

    I end by saying, the only way to deal with killers is quickly, swiftly and publicly.

  9. the chickens come home to hatch. can it be that the reason the government ain’t doing nothing is b/c the bad boys killing them self? one off the main things the government responsible for is to keep it’s people safe. the FNM as fail us again. ing-rum ain’t no leader. look it up see what a leader do for it’s people. we will never go no where under him. where there’s no leadership the people will perish. and thats what we doing hating. robing. and killing one another. a good leader consult and empower it’s people. how can ing-rum fix his mounth to say perry was the worst pm we had. when we mention things like the airport. urban renewal. school policing. project on every island. low murder rate. 800million in reserve. perry consult and empower it’s people. we never had it so had and bad under this FNM GOVERNMENT.

  10. changed or not….if it was ur family member they killed you wouldnt be saying that. The man who killed my father is still on the streets, is there ever justice in the bahamas? no they always are released thats why it cant get any better, were living amongst COLD BLOODED MURDERERS

  11. It seems as if they are solving their own problems by eliminating all persons from DEATH ROW then ask the question why HANG when there are nobody to hang…I dont know about you but if you keep track of the judicial decisions there were not any death sentences being handed out recently so this is their deterent to crime…BAHAMIANS LET US OPEN ARE EYES

    • Another murder suspect was released Friday. Soon they would have no one o hang and the country would turn red! That’s FNM Progress!


    • i know men who spent time in jail for murder and out doing something positive with their life come on people dont judge the man yes he take a life who know if he aint a change person all is not lost, we cant take everyone fat and fry the next

      • A changed behavior does not mean exemption from punishment. This kind of thinking will only give people the excuse to take the lives of others because they can get away with it.

      • That’s kind of hard to digest. He robbed somebody having the luxury to live their life and now he gets to live his and do what he wants like nothing ever happened. Change or not, where is the justice? We could forgive him, but he should be held accountable for his crime.

  12. The gall of the FNM releasing that statement saying that the former PM is the worst one ever.Now we know why they have tried to pre empt the criticism in regards to killers being put back on the outside to wreak havoc.I know who is the most cowardly PM we have ever had.(b) i know who is the only PM to hate Bahamians(3) i know who is the PM who jut ont give two hoots about our Murder rate.I am so pissed that I refuse to waste any more ink or say anything further on the only PM this country has had who risks Murders going over 100 for any year.If you check the state of Murders and give an average we stand to have 120 Murders this year.Stakeholders o your jobs and stop sucking up to the wusest PM ever.

    • Lady you have some serious venom, perhaps a little reflection and perhaps deep prayer for yourself healing will soften your heart. Remember what’s in the heart of man is by their choice, and no politician can change this. We have a people problem.. This problem did not just start people saw it coming from about 25 years ago. The problem is community institutions which were prominent in the society have back track there goals from assisting in creating quality citizens to first seeking how they can increase their cash flow…..

  13. Bp ….. Please say it ain’t so! How could a man who has been convicted of murder….placed on death row, is now out on bail? What kind of sick joke is this?

      • Those foreign judges are critical of justice allen. They come to the Bahamams and misinterpreting Bahamian law. They did not even ask the prosecution if they were objecting to bail. They do not care They are spiteful.

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