Another murder has marred the holidays


crime.jpgNassau, Bahamas — Another murder has marred the Christmas holiday.

A man, James Morley, was waiting on his wife outside Supervalue Food Store in the Golden Gates Shopping Centre last evening. ‘

He was approached by three men who attempted to rob Morley as he waited in his car.

A scuffle followed with the men Morley was shot multiple times about the body. He died this morning at the hospital.

Morley’s death has pushed the senseless murder count up to 85. My goodness what has Nassau come to, you gata ask NIGGAS to live.


  1. Keith, I know what you mean and I am tired of all the feeble excuses as to why crime is so out of control in this country. It is true some parents didn’t raise their children right, I will give them that, but there are some parents who did everything they were suppose to do as parents and then there are people who don’t even have children, are those people suppose to be living in fear for their life, because somebody didn’t raise their child right? That makes no sense to me. It doesn’t matter if a criminal came from a broken home or the best type of home, a criminal is a criminal; there is no getting around that. Persons thinking about or engaging in illegal activities needs to be made aware that criminal activities will not be condone or tolerate by anyone regardless to their history. See, Tommy them beating around the bush and trying to create excuses, they don’t want deal with this thing head on. Where you come from might have plenty to do with it, but we can’t let you kill up and terrorize the whole country because you didn’t have good parents. When you start to engage in criminal activities you have become a danger to our society and something has to be done quickly to stop you in your tracks.

  2. horrible. just horrible. i’m speechless. nothing more to say bcz i’ve already said it. i think it’s official that this country will be mercilessly ravaged by crime until  our Maker comes. i don’t see what the leaders of this country are doing. no they’re too safe and happy.

  3. My heart aches for this family.  This is an awful beginning to what is supposed to be a time of joy and celebration.  What will it take for the leaders of this country to take the criminal element seriously? The crime issue in this country is a reflection of bad leadership, a terrible judicial system, poor parenting, and plain old delinquency. I am so sick of reading stories of innocent blood shed. If these criminals were just killing each other, it wouldn’t be so bad. But it seems as though we’re not that fortunate. It should not have to take all this for the government to try new strategies. Tommy T is a spineless idiot. It’s sad to say, but the crime issue will not be any better as long as he is at the helm.

  4. Right now, Tommy is probably somewhere enjoying Christmas with his family and friends, while this man who was brutally murdered by these thugs on our streets family is devastated. I feel Tommy owes the grieving wife a visit to give her his sympathy for what happened and not being able to protect the people of this country. If he can’t make it to her in person, he could at least attempt to make a phone call.

  5. My God what is this country coming to, when a man can’t take his wife to the food store and wait on her in the car until she finished with her shopping? Two to one she was probably shopping for things to make their Christmas dinner, not knowing she would be spending Christmas without her husband. This is so bad what happened! This year was rough for businesses, because of the recession and I know things was going to pick up around the holiday season so I hired two security guards to protect my business so I could see if I could stay a little later and make some extra monies while people are in their spending mood, but I still find myself locking up early because I know to well that these criminals are not playing around. They don’t have any mercy for no one. They are prepared to kill you for your own things. I am telling you, this is really a time we living in. It painful to see what this country has become. Look at what they did to this family, they didn’t even care that Christmas was a couple a days away and the impact this would have on this man family. Those bastards are hateful and what they did to this man and his family was very inhumane and all this killing going on in this little country, I don’t know what it is going to take for the government to start swinging these criminals necks. I guess they must be waiting for it to hit home for them to be able to relate to what people going through in this country. My prayers are with this woman and her family at this time.

    • Kim here is the bad news criminals dont read or cant read so they really are unaware of our disgust.Tommy T is in well over his head and must and should be retired from Nationasl security forthwith.He reminds me of George Bush Jr. a lost cause who only became President bcos of stature in life and money.Go Tommy go but better still run Tommy run as criminals see you for what you are a pompous miscreant.

      • Merry Christmas Russell to you and your family. 
        Tommy will never do any better, because we have people here encouraging his laid back attitude towards fighting crime. Every time somebody tries to get Tommy to do something about all the crimes that is happening, you have these worshippers of Tommy saying, “Tommy didn’t kill nobody, you can’t blame him for what happened, it’s these parents, they didn’t do a good job in raising their children and you can’t expect the government to do everything for you. Nobody expect the government to everything for them, we just want them to the job they are being paid to do and that is to protect their citizens. If I was looking for the government to do everything for me, then I wouldn’t work everyday. I would be home trying to find a safe place in my house to hide from these heartless criminals and let the government provide for me and my family. That lady who lost her husband would have kept him home with her and allow the government to do all their Christmas shopping, but no she wasn’t depending on the government she went out to do it herself and we all know what happened to that family. All I am saying making excuses for Tommy ineffectiveness isn’t helping the situation; we will never be able to get him to do his job that way.

        • you know kim! i am so sick of people blaming all this that is happing on single perents,they realy need a break.until Tommy puts his foot and i mean foot down dis will remain the same,we need more than the POLICE help now,so untel Tommy and HUBERT deside 2 deal with these OUTLAWS this Bahamas will remain the same. so there for as a country we need to PRAY for Mr Greenslade and his Man Power come January 4th    

  6. In any other country citizens would have called for not only the firing of little Tommy T but the resignation of the Govt.In Jan this year when this miscreant fired experienced Officers he claomed he was streamlining the Police Force to make it more efficient.Well muddos he was oh so wrong and now we citizens are prisoners on our own Island.Criminals know they have a feind in Tommy T so I demand his resignation.

  7. Hang these murderous dogs…Tommy Turnquest is the worst minister in the history of Bahamian politics…while innocent people are being murdered he plays tennis, smokes cigars and drinks rum down at the tennis centre…what a piece of detached crap!!! Screw you Tommy…you mentally challenged turd!!!!

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