Another police vehicle off the road because of some driver defiance



<<< A police patrol vehicle ran off the road around 9:10 am this morning as a motorist failed to pull onto the side of the road; causing this police vehicle to crash into a wall on Carmichael Road opposite Bamboo chicken shack. The officers were unharmed.

Nassau, Bahamas: Here’s a police crash this morning as they were responding to an emergency call. They were speeding fast. Carmichael Road was no different than its usually state on a Sunday morning. The road was congested as hell. Traffic crawled to a snarl and the police were coming close between that traffic speeding.

Some people decided to pull onto the side allowing the vehicle to pass, some others decided to block the road. With quick driving skills the officers meandered their way through. This is a new culture in the treatment toward police. As the officers in this vehicle approached Bamboo Shack on Carmichael Road, turning out of a corner onto Carmichael was the driver of this gold Volkswagen Jetta [BELOW]. He didn’t stop or pull out of the way as the loud siren approached; but rather he moved directly into the way off the the speeding police car, which was traveling west.

BAM!!!! The next thing we knew the officers in the patrol car were riding up a wall. Another police patrol car is off the road with the citizens having one less vehicle to combat the violent crimes now happening all across New Providence.

Why are motorists head soo hard? How hard could it be to simply pull onto the side or stopping at the sound of a siren? Where in the world has this public defiance come from? Why are motorist willing to put their lives and the lives of others at risk? Something must be done about this!

Cause when we look at this picture, we all suffer all because of someone’s FAILURE TO OBEY THE LAW! When ever you hear the sound of a siren, GET YA YOU KNOW WHAT OFF THE ROAD!


The driver who hit the vehicle of officers as they responded to an emergency.


  1. I Think we should be more respectful to the police and when he hear the siren or spot the flashing lights we should pull to the side and give the emergency vehicle the right of way. Remember each one of those police cars are $50K+ so when they get damage the Bahamian tax payers are to suffer. No insurance covers Cop Cars beyond Road ACT. so be careful out there

  2. i think the police have a part to play in this one also. one morning going to work as i was sitting on the light waiting for green. as the light turns green motorists start making their way (northbound traffic marathon road comming off the highway). then there are sirens. police coming from east heading west on robinson run straight through their red light, not even taking caution to see traffic that has the right of way even notices them with they speed they were doing and the speed of other motorists in this higher speed area. this woman who has the green in her brand new kia jeep has to slam brakes because as she was going through the light the emergency vehicle was headed straight for her car. i dont think our officers are trained properly in this situation but even if you are in an emergency vehicle i think that stoplights should be an area where caution is exercised while still in the mission of emergency. even come vehicles made these days have excellent outside noise reduction and even with the radio low, sometimes emergency vehicles are not heard until they are directly behind. i just think caution should be exercized.

  3. We are breeding a culture of disrespect for authority. As simple as saying “Thank You”, it’s now “tanks” instead of yes or yes sir, its now yeh. It’s those simple things we learned as children that are now thrown out the window. So if we neglect even the most simple of mannerisms, the important ones will not be adhered to. Our society is now full of people who don’t care about anything, life, health or freedom. Most accidents happen because someone was preoccupied with “ME” syndrome. Whether its the loud boisterous music, failing to signal, texting or talking on a cell phone, putting on makeup or trying to calm the child in the back seat. It’s a matter of courtesy, sorely lacking today. I hope the negligent driver has to pay to fix the police car and whoever car he was driving because if it was his, he would have been more careful. Play it safe Bahamas, look out for yourself and other drivers on the road. “The life you save may be your very own.”

  4. The other day a drunken jonser on Wulff road must be had a death wish, because an ambulance was speeding down the road with the siren on and he decided to walk out in the middle of the street and put up the two of his arms up into the air. All the other cars on the road had pulled on the side of the road, but this Jonser would not get his *** out of the road for nothing. After the people in the ambulance kept blowing and he was not moving, all the other cars started to drive off slowly, I don’t know how they dealt with this Jonser, because after the other cars started to drive off, I drove off myself. All, I say to myself, people need to realize when they hear these emergency sirens that we don’t know the reason why these vehicle are speeding through the street, someone could be in urgent need of medical attention, or the police could be responding to some crime currently in action. We just don’t know so it is best to pull to the side of the road for a few minutes. You would not want to know that your life or a member of your family’s life was endanger and somebody was standing in the way of the way of the police or ambulance driver arriving at the scene.

  5. They should still be charged for reckless endangerment. To drive with your stereo on loud enough to drown out horns and sirens you may as well be driving blindfolded.

  6. Could it be that someone was driving with their car stereo too loud and didn’t hear? Sometimes they are so loud that when they drive past me my car vibrates.

  7. These acts of defiance always boils my blood. We are always in a hurry to get somewhere and nothing and no one will slow us down! No wonder there are so many traffic accidents on the streets of New Providence every day. No longer than Friday on my way to church no less, a man clearly intoxicated scraped the side of my jeep. When I got out of my vehicle, he was seated with a beer bottle between his leg and clearly disoriented. As this event was so important to me, I didn’t bother to press the issue.

    We do the same nonsense with ambulance vehicles. Drivers on both sides of the road are supposed to pull over and make way for these emergency service vehicles. Instead I have noted many drivers take advantage of these speeding vehicles and ride behind the police and emergency services vehicles to get ahead of every one else.

    I hope they press charges. A couple of months bathing with 20 or so other rogues, shitting in a bucket and eating 3 squares at the dictate of prison officers might strive to send a strong message to these clowns.

    We must organize our schedules and give ourselves enough time to get where we are scheduled to be. I find it so interesting that Bahamians always seem to be in a rush and yet are notorius for being late.

    “Bahamian Time”, we say and laugh but I find that labeling offensive and condescending not cute as others find it to be.

  8. Thank GOD no one got hurt as you said BP,but this is a wake up call for our drivers to take heed to the siren be it Police,Ambulance or Fire Trucks please pulled to the side to prevent someone being killed.

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