Christie worked against his AG, PLPs in trouble!



Forget the fact that there is a snitch in the PLP, which Perry Christie would not fire. Forget the fact that Perry Christie and Hubert Ingraham are working together to undermine their party supporters. Forget the fact that Christie refuses to bring cohesion and restructuring to the PLP, which will lead the organization to a defeat at the polls in 2012. Forget the fact that Perry Christie has yet to name his possible successor IF his health fails and he can not continue as leader. And, forget the fact that the PLP today has NO party apparatus (Public Relations/radio station/Newspaper/ or MONEY) in order to assist the party in its re-election bid. By the next general elections the organization will be facing another serious problem, Perry ‘John McCain’ Christie will be the oldest man in the history of the country to run for the high office of Prime Minister. To put it plainly, that is what would be in the minds of the voters here in The Bahamas.

But against this backdrop, Bahamas Press today unveils a new shocking revelation about the mistrust of Perry Christie. A close relative of the Thompson clan revealed to Bahamas Press that Christie was the mastermind behind the standoff between the former Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson and  Elizabeth Thompson her Registrar General.

The prominent member of the Thompson clan told Bahamas Press the battle between Thompson and  Gibson should not have went that far. Christie could have stopped the situation. However the family member said, “Christie advised us, to advise Liz [Elizabeth] not to move out of her office despite the pressure coming from the Attorney General. And so acting on those words of Christie, the situation ballooned out of proportion.”

Allyson Gibson told Parliament on the 13th June 2005, why Thompson was terminated.

She said: “She called me over and repeatedly wanting to get the job of Registrar General, that had been advertised.  I gave her a chance in spite of her poor record of four jobs in four years.  Rather than judging a book by its cover, I decided to give her another chance in large measure because of my respect for her mother…

“Numerous complaints were made that she completely ignored phone calls of important clients of the Registry. When this was raised with her she responded that she did not have time for that. She found time to conduct marriages, however, sometimes charging and pocketing up to $600 for each even though she had been given a directive to stop taking this work from other marriage officers.”

Politicos following the incident noted how Perry Christie at the time said NOT A WORD. A trait that has given him the name, “DO NOTHING PRIME MINISTER” and resulted in his firing on May 2nd, 2007 by the people of this country. But who believed Perry Christie did nothing was dreaming, the family member continued, “Christie told us Allyson had no authority to fire Liz and that if it came down to her getting fired, she would receive a handsome package.”
Christie then went out of his way, to find $300,000 dollars of TAXPAYERS money, to compensate Thompson.

“He undermined his own minister [Allyson Gibson] and allowed a former public servant to attack his Cabinet colleague. This is the Christie PLPs are dealing with! A BACKSTABBER WHO ACTS LIKE HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON,” the family member told Bahamas Press.

“Everywhere Thompson goes there is TROUBLE,” said a former PLP colleague of Thompson. “She was in big bust up with former Attorney General, Allyson Gibson. She was former PLP branch secretary for Holy Cross under Sidney Stubbs – Mr. Korean boat scandal. The key word is WAS. WAS! WAS! WAS!. She always causes trouble then bails out.

“She joined the FNM because she could not get her way with the PLP and people took Allyson’s side,” the former PLP colleague continued. We heard she tried to run in the last election in Pinewood because she wanted to have a boxing match with Allyson who she seems to be obsessed with.

“She practically muscled her way in the FNM and has now earned the FNM way of life which is being a big time cut throat. She is now vice chairperson in the Holy Cross Constituency under Carl Bethel. This girl is an opportunist but she doesnt last anywhere as she cannot get along with anyone. Right now she is the president of the FNM Women’s Association and the members want her OUT,” the PLP colleague concluded.

Since the FNM won the election last year, Thompson has found her way back AGAIN into the public purse, this time as the Legal Counsel for BTC. It is amazing to see how persons can get away with ROBBING the people of the Bahamas time and time again! Bahamas Press braces for the chaos that will come out of BTC, now that MISS CHAOS HERSELF is working at the company.


  1. The people in my office said the same thing Objective Thought….they said her brother is at odds with her and he made sure go to the PLP when she left.

    Its pathetic how she is back in the civil service again after getting all that moneey she went laughing all the way to the bank with.

    I am just so surprised that she infiltrated the FNM like that to the point of almost being a candidate. She was also a spokesperson of the FNM during the campaign and now the Woman’s Association’s president. She made it in far for a new comer.

  2. No wonder Fayne joined the PLP/intend to run for the PLP….He knew that the PLP was right to dismiss his sister!!

    He just does not want to be in the same party where she is….My my?????

  3. Drama that has been my experience too, everybody who knows Elizabeth Thompson does not appear to have anything good to say about her. The woman sounds so ruthless. I have a problem with anybody who would slit somebody’s throat or stab them in the back to get ahead. Whenever you have to do something shady to get ahead in life, that kind of success never last for long.

  4. ….FURTHERMORE, that $300,000 could have gone into some Out Reach programme for young men in this country. Have you guys really stopped and looked and listened to the young men in this country……how ignorant they sound, how shallow minded they are, how they immitate anything thats wrong and how DIFFICULT it is to try to be on the straight and narrow.

    The young men of this country are in trouble and we must remember they are future husbands and fathers.

    “Cool PC” and dem robbed the public purse on that one and the girl ran away laughing all the way to the bank and now is probably making a cool $80,000 per annum.

    THESE are the reasons why this country is having such difficulty moving forward.

  5. This Elizabeth Thompson girl sounds like she is ruthless so Ms Johnson, whoever you are, you better watch your back or your job will be gone.

    This news might be old but its VERY informative as I KNOW more than half the people in this country who follow the news, had no idea “Cool P.C.” was behind it all. It was a VERY sly move on his behalf. In fact he actually created scandal and mayhem in the government that he headed. That right there is just wrong.

    This post was discussed at length today in my office. It would appear that this girl is not well liked at all. Not one of my staff members who knew her came to her defense. They were all saying horrid things about her “bad” character and cut throat ways.

    Discussions that bring on work stoppage is not something that I condone at my business establishment but THIS one I let slide as I couldnt believe the things that were being said about this girl.

    Ms. Thompson !! Clean up your act ! You have a lot of people you have wronged out there. As for “Cool P.C.” …. YOU JUST WRONG!

  6. Thanks Elcott Coleby for providing us with some clarity on this matter, I think I see the full picture now; she had a contract for $75,000 per year for four years. The courts probably ruled that she was wrongfully dismissed from her post. Perry Christie government had to pay her the full amount of her contract which would have been the $300,000. That sister probably was laughing her way to the bank, I know if it was me I would have been smiling to myself every time I thought about it.

  7. Kim and Media
    I thought the value of the entire contract given to Ms Thompson was $300,000. I think the contract was for four years at $75,000 per year. We all know she won her case against the government so I thought the government simply bought out the balance of contract.

  8. Totally agree with you. We all must think and suggest what is best for the Bahamas and forget about party politics until the next election. Who is out there and ready to be an effective leader? The voting public often is forced to choose the lesser of the two evils and that is very sad. For too long now politicians have been reactive and overconcerned about their or their parties chances of being re-elected. Just look at the exercise of trying to pass a Bill in the HOA. Debaters??? stand to address the Bill and state they will vote for it. (a thirty second statement) They then spend the next 29 and1/2 minutes on their shame and blame agenda. (Both parties,Kim) I still don’t know why all have to speak to a bill. The mover, the seconder present the salient points and then the Bill is debated.(I am never sure one can call what happens a debate) My suggestion is that after the introduction of the Bill ,each side chooses 3 persons to speak to the Bill. I am sure all parties should have read the Bill thoroughly and discussed it with their peers ahead of time.After that point a 30 minute question and answer period. No discussion just the clarifification of points.It then goes to committee where any changes that need to be made are made. This usually entails relevance to our constitution and wording . It then comes back to the House for the final vote. At that point it should be passed or defeated with no further “hoopla”. We, the public, need to start being very public with our constructive criticism and demand that those to whom we pay good money reflect what is best for the Bahamas and not for themselves and their family or for the political party of their choice.

  9. This is old news that is being recycled and it does not matter anymore.

    This country is faceing probarly thr worst economic downturn in it’s history people are loosing their jobs mortgages are being foreclosed on and it sames to be doom an gloom everytime you watch our news and we have to read a spat that took placed a few years ago …but excuse me don’t you think that we have to wake up and smell the coffe.

    I must say that we need real change in this country and neither Hubert or Perry have the vision and the leadership at this time to lead us we need a liberial awakening in this country ans until we have this we will be lost our nation by 2012 wil be at a cross roads we must decide on what road we will take .

    We need change from our outdated public service to our system of government until we come to reality and decide on what we are going to do then we will be forever lost.

  10. She is now at BTC and Im sure her job is to watch what Ms.Johnson Ivans sister is doing. She wants that top chair job and would do hwta ever it takes to get that. She appears to very very close to Mr.Miller the former union head in a very private way. Let,s monitor. Dont trust that one.Im sure she would have learn some times from a former leader how to out smart people.

  11. What made Elizabeth Thompson entitled $300,000 of tax payer’s dollars? Forgive me, if I sound repetitive. I am really trying to digest this information and it has comes as a shock to me. That is a lot of money we are talking about. I just want to know what one has to do to earn that sort of money. I know many qualified people who worked in government for over 30-40 years, who have walked away with less than $100,000 in compensation. I am still trying to figure out why all this money was given to this woman, what did she do that was so special?

  12. Point taken, I could see how you got that impression. It is too soon for me to suggest that, I will have to watch him a little bit longer.

  13. No Kim, you didn’t actually say this but after reading your previous post as far back as when BP wrote a story about endorsing Mr. McCartney it sure came off that way…. Remember now that Obama is running for president, that would be PM in the Bahamas.

  14. Joe Blow you always have the proper perspective about what is going on in our country and I have always value what you have to share with us. My only problem with you is, you need to stop being so bias when it comes to FNM.

  15. ….LOL….Rupert you need to tell me what when down with you and Min. McCartney. Anyway, I feel like I am suffering from some sort of memory loss, because I can’t seem to recall saying that I would like Branville McCartney to be Prime Minister of The Commonwealth of the Bahamas. I remember saying he was doing a good job in cleaning up the Dept of Immigration and dealing with the illegal immigrant crisis that exist in our country and I still believe that today. The part where you hear me say he should be prime minister, I must have been sleeping when I was typing it, because I just can’t remember saying it.

  16. My take on the Maynard-Thompson issue is that you had 2 strong-minded women. One who ran the Dep’t and one new comer who wanted to “rule the roost”. Naturally there would be a serious conflict. Maynard has always given the appearance of one who must be “large and in charge”. Thompson was going to bring a suit for wrongful dismissal and so the $300,000.00 was a natural outcome. Mr. Christie appears to be like the proverbial ostrich ( swift-running, flightless African bird) who burys his head in the sand hoping any uncomfotable situation will disappear and he won’t have to deal wth it. And past behaviour is a good indicator of future behaviour.There are other issues relating to this story though:
    The bad habit of paying mega-bucks to people who are fired or made BTC workers who are then hired back in other government departments; Retired persons hired back as consultants (at good salaries) and becoming eligible for second and third pensions; persons who have full time good-paying jobs who get taxi licences and so keep others from having a source of income; persons who use government vehicles for personal business; Civil servants who conduct their second businesses while on the job; Convicted drug pushers who Do Not have all their property confiscated despite a law that calls for this: Police Officers given a slap on the wrist and Not Fired even though they are breaking the law. And so the saga goes on and on and on…..And we hold a group of these persons as our “heroes” and keep on worshipping them. No wonder they continue on their path of destuction of OUR country! CRIME PAYS and MAKES FOR THE STRANGEST OF BEDFELLOWS!

  17. Well i know one thing the FNMs loving this. The fact is that Mr.Christie and the PLP sells. Just take a look at all the headlines of all the “WATLESS” news papers for the last 17 months, its all been about the PLP. Even your stories about politics gets allot of hits BP.

    And to Drama king i knew we got off to a bad start you and i, and for that am sorry. To BP and Kim i know u love (am to sexy for myself) Mr. McCartney as the next PM but i disagree, there is something every leader must have, some are born with it some develop it and that something is “IT”. somehow i just don’t see this in him…. there is one on the other side that has “IT” and that’s Mr. Hubert Minnis i personally think that he would make a grate leader.

  18. You are talking about Thompson at BTC, what about Leon Williams when his court case is finished??

    What about Butler from W&S when his case is finished in court…

    And what about the Japenese guy who got half a million dollars who was wrongly locked up for so long under the last FNM govt???

    Yall aint see nothing yet!!

  19. Media this comes as a shock to me. The bad blood between Allyson Maynard-Gibson and Elizabeth Thompson was public knowledge. The monies that she was pocketing from each wedding she performed were no secret either. I am just learning about $300,000 tax payer’s dollars that she was paid under the PLP government. This woman sure did hit the jackpot!! That is sad to be giving one person all that monies, when so many families can’t make ends meet. I really hope she used some of that tax payer’s dollar to assist at least one charity. When things turns sour at BTC, I wonder how much more tax payer’s dollars she stands to gain under the FNM government this time.

  20. Objective Thought your comments did not cajole me either. And if you think that open paragraph is a JOKE, then there is no hope for THOUSANDS OF BAHAMIANS.

    Tell me WHY IN THE HELL YALL IN THE PLP CANNOT RID YOURSELVES OF CHRISTIE, if what we are saying is considered OLD NEWS?



    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  21. I am totally unimpressed!!

    I thought that I would learn something from this big news but this is OOOOLD news!!

    Just look at what HI did to Tommy and yet HI became the PM again…So Media, you really think that this WORTHLESS piece of information can stop anyone from supporting the PLP who is interested in doing so??

    I wasted my night…So you think that any PM that we have had so far has done this to someone while in the PM seat??

    Get real Bp…Deal with TODAY’S ISSUES….

  22. Rupert, you must really be in the know. I thought I was in the know until this month. I didnt know Obie Wilchcombe had a bad temper and for sure I didnt know that Christie was playing Allyson against Elizabeth. He is a sneaky lil devil !

    The thing is, I dont remember Christie saying one word when this fiasco was taking place. He probably was sitting there and enjoying the “Cat Fight”.

    Tbat lady sure did get a lot of money. Hope some of it is there now in these rough times.

  23. Well you knew all that about Liz? And Christie? Well at lest your in the know, BUT PLENTY people in this country still in the dark about the whole ordeal. Therefore it’s still serving a purpose.

    BP/ Editor

  24. Bp come on man….. this old news, i know u like to beat up on my PM but i herd this from fayne some months back on your talk show. is that it?

  25. Media we don’t need nobody stealing another red cent from the public, when there is so much people on the unemployment line right now. I will tune in at 6:00 pm to see what this is all about.

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