Another stabbing in the captial



There was another stabbing late last night just outside this On the Run Esso gas station on Carmichael road and Faith Ave. The condition of the victim is unknown, however we all know when we see a yellow tape, an SERIOUS investigation is underway.


  1. What?? Its about time the law deals with these murderers. I read Nikki Kelly’s column today and I agree with her 100% The judicial system is an eternal mess from the pits of hell. They bring in this new Attorney General and he aint say “PEEP” yet. Cat (O’nine tails) gat his tongue eh?

  2. On the subject of stabbing I watched the video of the young man that was stabbed to death at the night club out west a few weeks ago. As the case is still pending I dont think I can discuss it here.

    It made me sad and angry at the same time, I am just glad they were able to eventually arrest the man seen on the video allegedly stabbing the victim and are holding him without bail right now.

  3. A parking space? I know we have a land shortage in Nassau but this is ridiculous! Generalcrazy, you sound like you preaching “peace through superior firepower”. LOL.

  4. @ R.Pratt
    dat stabber ain no man, he is one wutless piece of nanny. dey need to chain he hip to one wall den shoot him wid rubba bullets fer won or too weeks. den afta dat, give him proctate exam sicks times a day fer tree weeks, den barium enemas twice a week fer tree monts. least das wat da crazy army wud do to he stink tug hip.


    GENERALCRAZY this kind of language is UNACCEPTABLE, although we appreciate your contribution! Please if you use this portal, understand this is not an EBONICS class. PLEASE! TAKE YOUR PILLS or we would have to delete your posts.

    Bahamas Press /Editor

  5. There is a bar/club..I belive it is called Club Masters; across the street from this gas station. It becomes so busy that sometimes these people take up he majority of the parking space at the gas station, leaving actual customers competing for parking spaces.

    It was probably a simple senario of one fella pulling into a parking space and not signaling his intention, just swining in front of the other fella. That is why whenever I find a parking space in a crowded area I signal before the next person so I don’t a appear to be swinging people.

    What is the tragedy still….is that the suspect took a friggin parking space that seriously. I know people will cuss and excange other words…that happens in any big city. But this man could be in jail for the rest of his life over something that he could have just press the gas and drive away from…..Either guy.

  6. Generalcrazy….lollllllll… crazy for true man….lolllllllllllll

    We dont need to tote knife ya know. I know a fellow who got some extra “Cow Cocks” for sale. One lick with that and its all over.

    Tiefs, murderers and rapists….one blow and they will straighten up and fly right….One Blow!

  7. fer example, dese tugs is carry nife dred, vell den carry one cut lazz, and make sure it sharp. also look at buyin one or to steel stick dem from security plus.

  8. “By Drama King on Sep 26, 2008 | Reply

    This is beyond crazy, now.”

    no why you gots to bring my name into it LOL
    not all crazy peoples is stab yah dred 😀

    anyway back to dis story, i tink da moral of dis story, iffen der cud be one, is dat yah carnt say nuttin to a tug anymore unless yah gets sum weapons to defend yah self wid. always expecked da worstess from da necks person an always be redy fer any ting.

  9. @Kim

    It was probably sum tugs comin back from ladies night at one of the clubs. Iffen one is go to dese gas station dem at certain hours dey is be packed wid tugs trying to fight and callin da cashier and manager dem all kind of names and treatenin dey life and ting. Da person dat get stab may not even had dun anyting. Dem tugs is try fight and stab peoples der fer no reason.

    As a crazy soljah i duz always travel wid wepen wen i is goto dem gas station. i get attacked a few times before by gangs of tugs dem inside and outside of dem places. i is stay close to da humvee so cud get dem wepen out quick. ain no secu der dat worth anyting, dey is run quick wen sum ting is go down.

    Juss a note, dese ain peoples dat work an pay bills, dat is be doin dese stabbins, dese is juss tugs, many of dem is lil 17 year ole drug dealers and ting.

  10. I guess with all the lay off, high utilities bill and high crime rate and the down turn with the economy, every body acting like a bunch of psychos. Everybody just so frustrated and don’t know how to reason with each other any more. This is a time we need to come together in unity and help each other, not start killing one another.

  11. Unfortunately we are evolving into one of those other Caribbean islands where violence and mayhem is the order of the day. Its sad!

    I remember when the Punch use to say crimes are being commmitted by fatherless young men who have no proper grounding and guidance. I tend to believe that now.

  12. people gettin stab erry day in nassau, das da way it is here, juss ask dem peoples who werks dese 24 hour gas stations and dem night clubs. christin peoples dat is go home den sleep den wake up an werks da necks day ain seein wat really is goin on, den dey is be surprise dat tings like dis duz occur – but its common place in nassau, all da time.

    one dred i no get attack and rob wid axes an da tribune did actually report it, but dem fools at the prosecutors office did tell dem only dat home boy did juss get “push down” an scratch he arm, ain nuttin bout dem 2 axes dey find witch dem dreds did swing at him ova and ova and the fight dat did last 20 minutes or so up da road an even tru one jitney and nieder nuttin bout dem tiefin he vehicle dred – dey is like hush dese tings cuz dey scare dat da public ga find out dis country ain no big time christin country like too many peoples here duz some how actually tink it is.

    its a war zone dred – das nassau fer yah.

  13. Its not that these incidents are going unreported. The problem is the police are burying them so that the public is not “alarmed”….Utter Rubbish !!!

  14. WOW! I just finish watching ZNS news and nothing was mentioned about the stabbing last night at On the Run Esso Gas Station, Carmichael Rd. They need to let the public know what is going on so we could take more safety measures.

  15. Kim & BP, this happens all the time. I was at an event last month. A group of people left and about 500ft away, one of the young ladies in the group was stabbed within inches of her life. She was rushed to the hospital and many doubted whether she would make it. There was nothing on the news. Also you may remember a couple of months back there was a murder and the police did not report the incident but had the gall to brag about charging somebody 2 days later.

  16. These young people on drugs and alcohol all the time. We need to tighten up the laws on alcohol drinkers. I heard the news report with debbie she say she don’t have caller id but it sounds like Darold. Wasting people time give that man his money.

  17. Media I believe that what is. They think yall is tell the public too much and If it was up to them the General Public would not know half the things that goes down around this country.

  18. Or perhaps they had decided to bury it. I am not surprise. It s the very reason , Bahamas Press is now on the BANN LIST.

    Bahamas Press*/Editor

  19. Nassau Guardian is talking about the death threat supposedly made by Darold Miller towards Debbie Bartlette. When we have someone who was actually got stabbed, this person could be dead for all we know. I think this is more important news.

  20. Media I have been listening to the radio all day and nobody mentioned this incident on the station that I am listening to and I have the Nassau Guardian in my procession they have not mentioned this incident either. Something serious like this should be all over the news, unless the other wutless media have not heard about it.

  21. And these bloody incidents are not reported. Any of you all heard this on the news today? And yellow tape is being pulled. I know that happens when someone dies.

  22. Every little minute you listen, some body being stabbed, shot or burn down. I don’t know what is going with this country why people can not talk these things out. We are becoming a blood thirsty nation.

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