FNM Gov't orders blocking of Bahamian websites



In this photo one like to eat people, another loves to destroy people and another is outdoing the two. Here are the faces of TERROR, CENSORSHIP, VICTIMIZATION AND INTIMIDATION in the world!

The Audio of Alfred Sears Slamming the Ingraham Government on LIES TO THE PEOPLE!

Nassau Bahamas: It was Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe and now its Hubert Ingraham. Bahamas Press wonders what is The Bahamas coming to? Hubert Ingraham’s promises of bringing openness and transparency is nothing but a sham. Over 6,000 residents had their lights turned off and hundreds put out of work since Ingraham has assumed power in The Bahamas.

Breaking news coming to Bahamas Press confirms that there has been a further step to stop freedom of the people’s expression in this country! YES A MOVE IS AFOOT TO block the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE! This country is now at an all time low when it comes to DEMOCRACY!

An IT technician responsible for the government’s computer systems has informed Bahamas Press that this website has been ordered off the government’s networks. This BLOCKING would include; BEC, BTC, The Ministry of Education and all other government offices. The source told Bahamas Press that other websites scheduled to be offline are The FNM’s Website, The PLP, Bahamas Uncensored and Bahamas Issues.

Bahamas Press has also learned that included in this blockade exercise are all online publications including of The Nassau Guardian and Jones Communications – the only two other dailies found online around the world.

We believe the government is afraid after the online petition announced here and crusaded online by Darcy Moss who successfully awakened residents, on this  WICKED PLOT by the Ingraham government to change a policy at BEC. The new policy exposed here on July 31st, ordered residents to pay their entire BEC bills or face disconnection. The sudden change in policy was slammed by former Minister of Works Bradley Roberts where he questioned how could that have been done “without notice to the public?”

“The censor of all government networks is a policy which states that all Internet browsing must be WORK related, and therefore this website could not POSSIBLY be work related,” the source told Bahamas Press. We hope the government acknowledges that those sexually illicit acts occurring at Bahamas Information Service are not WORK RELATED as well.

Bahamas Press wonders what has offset this censor of the freedoms of expression here in The Bahamas. ONLY THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN THE PHILOSOPHIES OF COMMUNISM AND DICTATORSHIP believe in ordering this practise to be carried out in the same.

We believe the instructions will only be targeted to our website as it was at the top of the list, as it was noted by our source. However, we want the FNM Government to know Bahamas Press has over 470,000 readers and WE HAVE TAKEN OVER THE DYING WUTLESS DAILIES!


  1. I have a myspace website, and when I’m in the mood (or is aware of a social injustice), I’ll publish certain aspects of this country (or guilty parties). Who it offends is of no consequence since: We’re supposed to be in a democracy. And once something can be proven by law, or by witnesses, I dare anyone to try and stop me from publishing it. Anyone! Governments or disgruntled ones in bedlam who feels as if they have the power to silence my freedoms best beware since: I will dedicate my time in thoroughly destroying them, if not physically I will do so via local/international forums: Virtual and real life. That is until I see recompense by their means of apology.

  2. Morehands I miss you man !!! I was wondering where you were……but you must be have me mistaken with your son or something…I aint a “larky” !!!….lol….I know you didnt mean me. If anyone is a “larkey” its you, man. Always defending Ingraham and dem.

    I am proprietor and I do not block any staff from any site they want. My staff are a good lot of people who work hard for my company so I will not turn into Hitler on them. As long as they do my work, they are freak to roam any site they want.

    And, HemiBahamas YES there are some people who are stupid enough to go on porn websites when they are at work. I know people who do it.


    You would come in here everyday, but in the same tongue say, it is not good for this country yet you cannot stay off it?

    Well wait for tomorrow, and you know we always have a bombshell for the weekend. We have the photos and the sand part is that the scene is right across from the FNM headquarters. WHAT A MESS IN THIS COUNTRY!

    Bahamas press/ Editor


  4. At my company we just put up a network firewall to block all sites that have streaming data (music, games, video, facebook, myspace, youtube, porn sites, FNM, PLP, etc, etc). Sadly, (no actually), because Bahamas Press posts streaming videos within its site, it too immediately became block by our network firewall. This is why I haven’t been able to get into arguments with Drama and other larkies lately.

    Productivity was going down too much at my firm with people constantly checking personal emails, community sites and other junk like BahamasPress (that should get Media attention).

    Sadly, I think this will spread more and more through companies in the Bahamas (as it already is in the States). It has nothing to do directly with BP. Its about people earning a day’s pay for a day’s work and not blaming the boss when they get laid off for poor performance.

  5. Media for your information Nassau games are banned from many government building also private firm as so is messenger and facebook. No one is knocking your site. But man get over yourself why would you want people reading and blogging at work anyhow so that you can write about bad service at government agencies. I thought this was a place for mature conversation but you are attacking your readers. Get over yourself. Hubert can’t turn no one Cable off cause it would not benefit him or cable bahamas. Nothing wrong with blocking anyone go home and use your private computer like i am. No sensible worker would darn go on a porn site at work anyhow.

  6. In the United States, they block frequently visited sites all the time- myspace, facebook, ESPN, TMZ etc. It’s about work productivity and government workers have an issue with being productive without distracting websites. I’m sure it’s nothing personal, Bahamaspress! If they really want to see the site, people can always access the website at home. Bahamaspress is the equivalent of a TMZ.com…and people can’t see that at work either in the US. Get over it!! People shouldn’t be using the internet for personal use anyway!!

  7. I just couldnt wait to see what Thomas Finley had to say on this subject….lol…..BP…the people who visit this blog are something else. I sure some of them got High Blood Pressure.

    I almost sure that the Mugabe style Ingraham ordered the lock down of the websites cause he shame how Bahamas Press does talk bout him…..loll…..Obeah shirt and all.

  8. Again Hemibahama we could careless if they shut us off, because we have THOUSANDS OF OTHER READER. As you can see the posts are still flowing and the from our statical charts, the readers are increasing NOT declining. DESPITE THEIR WICKED ATTACK. However we ask why has the government SELECTED Bahamas Press? And Not Nassau Games, Bahamas Weekly (ANOTHER NEWS WEBSITE LIKE OURS) or the MILLIONS OF OTHER WEBSITES some with XXX-rated PORNOGRAPHIC material.

    Are you also so BLIND in your critical thinking Hemibahamas that you see nothing wrong with that?

    I guess you like some others will wait until Hubert turn your cable off, then you would see we are saying. By that time he will tell you too, STAY OFF BAHAMAS PRESS along with the government workers…LOL!

    Bahamas Press Editor

  9. Boy BP if you have this much response from people on ya blog home much work you think is getting done. IT is enough that the talk show is on during the day with people calling in. Now you want the government workers to get distracted with a blog that attacks the government and the opposition. The 40hour work week will be cut in half. I agree this and other sites should be block if this because a distraction to workers.

  10. Sorry BP, this is not Andrew. Didn’t you recently write and article about not being pre-occupied with the identity of people on here? Or that only applies to your identity?

  11. And BP, isn’t this what Andrew Burrows was trying to warn you about long ago? Sounds like you should have listened.

  12. BP, that is exactly what I am saying. Any, y’all think it is the internet what have gov. workers slacking off hey? They been slacking off long before the internet was available.

  13. Well imagine that Mario, how if your boss decided you can watch ANYTHING ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB, except Bahamas Press. how does that sound to you?

    Now if we were talking about online connections PERIOD, that another argument. BUT WHY SO SELECTIVE TO BAHAMAS PRESS and some particular websites?

    Bahamas Press / Editor

  14. Have you ever tried to get something accomplished in govt office on your lunch hour???

    Govt employees in general are to comfortable in doing their own thing on our money, wether it be gossiping with each other, chatting on the phone or surfing the web.

    BLOCK EM ALL, so maybe these Govt employees will actually do some work.

    I personally think that ALL websites should be blocked from access if they are not websites that are specifically used in order to do ones job. I beleive that if you are paid to do a job from 9 to 5 you should not be wasting bahamians people money surfing the web.

    If the accusations are true it is completely wrong to remove informative bahamian based web sites while leaving international shopping and pornographic webistes available.


    p.s. I am at work right now while surfing and posting this comment. Unlike the govt workers when the clock strikes 5 I will not run out and leave. I will put in my 8 hours today.

  15. Media you have a point if they could keep the pornography site, with all the sexual harassment going on in the work place, then they should be allow to keep all the other sites as well.
    I keep saying, “they don’t like how the public getting all this information”.

  16. Sometimes we at Bahamas Press get very concern when we see the kinds of analysis presented on this blog.

    Why would the government give instructions to BLOCK Bahamas Press off their networks and keep WALMART, Bahamas Weekly, Nassau Games, and The Millions of pornographic websites for the workers to enjoy! (PARTICULARLY SOME AT BIS)

    Bahamas Press finds this action by the Ingraham administration as a CROOKED MOVER to STOP, stifle, strangle and choke truth from the Bahamian community, blocking the opinions of independent thinking Bahamians. We know that the leaders of North Korea and Cuba also believe in this kind of censure. Where the citizens have NO freedoms with website and where accessing the World Wide Web is prohibited.

    THE FNM government have controlled and ‘LOCKED’ their hands on all members of the WUTLESS MEDIA. To the point that they (WUTLESS MEDIA) themselves do NOT know anymore when they are being VICTIMIZED.

    And now since the Tribune cannot help them anymore in controlling the views in this society. They are attempting to take this DRASTIC step to quit the VOICE of this BLOG.

    OUR EXPOSURE on BEC and its wicked policy change to cut power from thousands of hardworking Bahamians, received an UNWELCOMING TONE FROM THE ADMINISTRATION. However, BAHAMAS PRESS DEMANDS that the Ingraham government who taunts its record as FREEING the airwaves of the Bahamas, to IMMEDIATELY REVOKE THIS ORDER to ban Bahamas Press access by FREE THINKING BAHAMIANS.

    We are not alone in this call, as many of our OVER 470,000 READERS on Bahamas PRESS demand the same!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  17. When I think about how ridiculous that passport office is, I think this is a good move by the government. They need to stop them from surfing the net altogether. I had to make three trips to that passport office, before I could get my passport. The first time they give me a date to pick up my passport, when I get there I had to sit down a whole hour before they tell me my passport was not ready. The second time, I when back a week after the date they told me to pick it up, after sitting down for about 15 minutes they tell me it still was not ready and they tell me to come back in 2 days. The final time, they could not able to find my passport; I had to sit down there for 11/2 hr before they find it. Thank God I work for myself!!!!! Those employees at the passport office do be joking and don’t need any added distraction.

  18. Man if they want to visit Bahamas press then do it on their time at home. People take away to much of company time anyway surfing the net. That is why we can get nothing done or get good service. But I really don’t see the meaning of this story. They can’t block Bahamas Press from the net. They can only block it on their network and they have that right.

  19. Y’all missing the point. They are not blocking internet access, only access to a handfull of sites out of millions of other sites. This will not stop workers from goofing off on the internet, only from visting and being informed by these select sites.

  20. What a very stupid piece! Now if those sites were being blocked on peoples personal computers at their homes then you would have an argument.

  21. they should be working and not surfing sites on the people’s time. They can access those blocked sites from home. Internet access at work should be used for job-related tasks. And while they are at it, they can disconnect Cable TV in all these government offices.

  22. There is a place and time for everything. Government workers should not be browsing the net on company time. That explains why they are always behind with their work.

  23. Web shop Websit: You forget, some workers have to put they NUMBERS in online.
    It is amazing, I know some people only know how to use the computer to place they numbers.
    BP I think the government is blocking those Web shop Website, that is a good move by the goverment.

  24. why duz a BEC worker need access to da internet (AT WORK) to begin wid?? save our moneys fer sum ting else, like get dem out on da road an fix da power.

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