Another suicide victim hits Grand Bahama following Hurricane Dorian – PEOPLE NEED HELP!!!


Suicide Prevention Hotline call 322-2763

A hurricane Dorian victim takes his own life on Grand Bahama on Saturday!

GRAND BAHAMA| Serious levels of depression are setting in on Grand Bahama as assistance trickles into the second city.

A man took his left on Saturday after he was moved with great depression according to sources.

Reports are that shortly before 3:00pm on Saturday 12th October 2019, police were called to the rear of the Sir Jack Hayward Senior High School playing field, where the lifeless body of a male was discovered hanging by a rope from a tree.

Nearby his corpse was a black bin which is believed to be part of the apparatus where he took his life. These are some serious times.

Bahamas Press is urging persons experiencing such conditions to call into the suicide prevention hotline at 322-2763.

We report yinner decide!


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