Lanisha Rolle under fire again!!! This time from young FNM Youths!


Does anyone in the Minnis Government BELIEVE in the nation’s youth? WHOSE TIME IS IT? “It’s THE PEOPLE’s TIME…!” AND DON’T FORGET IT!

Former Minister of Social Services now Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Lanisha Rolle

NASSAU| During the last fiscal year, Minister Rolle launched the ongoing Youth Entrepreneurship programme “BEinspired”, which provides grants for business start-ups to young people ages 16-35.

To date, there are over 150 young Entrepreneurs in New Providence and Eleuthera who have taken and completed the program. They did a training session for weeks and pitched their ideas to Minister Rolle’s Executive board. The Youth even did PR with the Government-owned Newsstation ZNS. They were said to speak highly of the program!!

The Youth have received a call from the Ministry BUT only to inform them that Minister Lanisha Rolle is to busy to sign off on cheques because she is out of office! THIS was JULY 2019!! They have received $0.00 since completing the program in late April early May 2019.

1. Why is Lanisha neglecting the youth when she stated in JUNE 2019 the programme was included in the Budget?

2 . Why did they make the Youth tell lies about the program to the country on National TV?

3 . Will Minister Lanisha Rolle blame it on Hurricane Dorian?

We want answers…Where is the MONEY?
You have failed Culture…then Sports … now the YOUTH…Robbers!


Whose time??