PM MINNIS set to meet with RBDF Marines in Abaco as BP reports of starvation were circulated this week!


PM Minnis should fire Marvin Dames for his wutlessness!

Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Hubert Minnis lost on the management of the country.

ABACO| As fires rage in the Mudd last night after rains on Wednesday, BP is learning that newly appointed Deputy Commander of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Dr. Raymond E. King, landed in Abaco this morning to address concerns raised only by BP about marines on that island.

RBDF Marines are starving and have been subjected to squalid conditions on the island since Hurricane Dorian passage. 

Poor leadership in the RBDF failed to provide the basic needs for our marines and we believe some heads should roll. Persons like Minister Marvin Dames should be the first on the list!

It is unconscionable to see how marines are being denied basic necessities and like food as they serve the country. This is like soo wrong!

Anyway, we are learning on Friday, [today] following the State Funeral Service of the late Tennyson R. G. Wells, PM The Most Honourable (ever) Hubert Minnis consider a flight into Abaco to meet with RBDF soldiers. Now, this may change as a recent meeting with Abaco residents and the PM descended into a serious exchange of words. All is not well.

Dat will hold ya!